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BluStor running Indiegogo campaign for its CyberGate solution


BluStor has launched an Indiegogo campaign to promote its CyberGate product.

Finis Conner, the firm’s founder and CEO describes CyberGate as a personalized and secured biometric smart card. The card can easily and safely be tucked away in your wallet. Protected by biometrics, the card can both hold and safeguard all your passwords, identity documents, and credit cards.

“Cyber security and protecting your personal information has never been more important as online attacks increase at an unprecedented rate,” stated Conner in an exclusive interview with BiometricUpdate.com. “Cybergate is like having your own secured data cloud in your pocket which can’t be hacked.”

The card is used in conjunction with a mobile app called GateKeeper, which allows users to safely secure all key data and documents on the card. The app allows users to securely protect all of their usernames, passwords, login details, and personal identity information.

The app also contains a file vault that allows users to safely store important documents, including photos, medical records, e-mail and other personal data. The app also contains a credit card vault that allows users to store their credit card information and securely retrieve it when needed for online transactions. Most importantly, the mobile app contains its own one time password (OTP) and two-factor authentication (2FA) token generator that allows users to leverage biometrics rather than PIN codes to generate RFC 6238 compatible security tokens in order to log into supported Web sites.

“With this technology, the die has been cast,” stated Conner. “Biometrics tools are now emerging as the key technology for security and authentication since they are more secure than passwords for device accessibility.”

Conner notes the technology provides users with a tool to provide proof that they are who they say they are online. Further, his technology allows users to prove that they are authorized to access secured data. Most importantly, his technology eliminates less secure cloud-based password and identity management solutions through the use of any biometric authentication methods used by a supported mobile device.

“We feel that storing data on a card that is ubiquitous increases storage capacity and usage capability.” Conner notes that BluStor’s CyberGate product was devised as an open platform, in order to encourage and enable developers around the world to build and market their own apps for the device.

The CyberGate solution is also compatible with existing smart card readers. The card is also compatible with existing ISO smart card interfaces: 7816-3 and 7816-12. That means businesses who wish to use the CyberGate solution to replace existing smart card solutions do not need to replace their existing infrastructure. This means the device is both consumer and business friendly.

Conner notes that the Indiegogo campaign is meant to raise consumer awareness concerning what the technology can do. “In effect, we have developed a technology that can completely eliminate identity theft for the consumer,” said Conner. However, the main target customers for the technology will be large system integrators who can personalize the CyberGate cards for their own applications.

Conner states that the main driver behind the card was to develop a system that allows users to retain control over their personal financial data and only provide it one-time when required for a transaction.

As the legendary co-founder of Seagate Technology, Conner was a key pioneer in the design, manufacturing and sales of hard disk technology. While he was able to reduce the size of storage devices, thereby enabling greater user mobility during that earlier stage of his career, the key component that was missing was security for the mobile storage devices themselves and securely controlling data use.

Due to the endemic insecurity of mobile computing devices such as laptops, smartphones and even the entire Internet itself, the CyberGate solution is the natural evolution of Conner’s innovative prowess. Consumers can expect the CyberGate card solution to be ready to ship to customers by this summer. U.S. and Canadian consumers who participate in the Indiegogo campaign can obtain a CyberGate card for US$99, including shipping. The campaign ends March 22.

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