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Amsterdam airport security testing AOS fingerprint sensor device


Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is currently testing Advanced Optical Systems’ (AOS) fingerprint sensor device in an effort to expedite the security process for travellers, according to a report by Tech Alabama.

AOS’ ANDI OTG zero-contact fingerprint sensor is part of the European Union’s pilot program that is testing new border security technologies.

The company is currently working to install the fingerprint sensor at domestic airports, said AOS business development director Christopher Centamore.

Individuals would be required to enroll in the TSA Precheck program in order for their fingerprints to properly register with the ANDI system.

The fingerprint device helps cut seconds, if not minutes, off each traveller’s waiting time at security checks, said Centamore.

“Instead of standing in a long line in the airport, waiting for that individual to look at everyone’s individual driver’s license and check their boarding pass, you just walk past, wave your hand in front of the device, and instantly you’re identified as who you are, and that you’re allowed to be there,” said Centamore. “The information you’re really trying to protect is your name, your address and your Social Security number,” says Centamore, “If that can be hidden behind your biometrics, that’s where we see the privacy protection.”

So far, the Amsterdam airport has processed some 3,000 passengers per hour using the ANDI device.

Centamore believes that the machine, which costs approximately $25,000, could help safely reduce the number of TSA employees at security checkpoints

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