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CrucialTec develops sensor that simultaneously scans fingerprints and heartbeats


CrucialTec has developed a new biometric verification system that can simultaneously read fingerprints as well as recognized heartbeats, in order to authenticate individuals, according to a report by Android Authority.

Anti-Fake BTP is designed to detect when fake fingerprints are being used by determining whether the finger placed on the scanner is, in fact, circulating blood, while simultaneously scanning the print.

CrucialTec said it also plans to integrate other security checks, such as bioelectrical impedance analysis to verify that a finger’s composition is actually human.

There have been several fingerprint scanner exploits discovered within recent years, including the “wood glue spoof” technique for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

In a demonstration, German hacker collective Chaos Computer Club used traces of a user’s fingerprint from a smudge on the phone’s case to create a fake fingerprint that was able to successfully fool the reader.

CrucialTec’s new system requires a fingerprint scan to be validated with a pulse check in addition to a print match, blocking any exploits that try to recreate prints artificially.

CrucialTec will demonstrate its Anti-Fake BTP technology at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week before being commercially available later this year.

Reported earlier this month, CrucialTec will host a FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance interoperability test event in Korea in March.

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