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Aware’s selfie authentication software products FIDO certified


Biometrics software and solutions provider Aware, Inc. recently introduced FIDO Suite, a family of software products that enable secure biometric authentication on mobile devices using “selfies”.

According to a statement by the company, the first three products in the FIDO Suite achieved certification in the three FIDO UAF categories required in a complete solution: Server, Client, and Authenticator. Certification was earned in part by achieving interoperability with products from other vendors at the most recent testing event sponsored by the FIDO Alliance.

The FIDO Suite products include: Aware FIDO Face Authenticator; Aware FIDO Client, and; Aware FIDO Server, each available on an a la carte basis.

Aware FIDO Face Authenticator performs advanced active and passive liveness detection measures, as well as high-performance facial image autocapture, quality control, and biometric matching. It is compatible with Aware FIDO Client, as well as certified client products from other suppliers. Aware FIDO Server is similarly certified and interoperable, available as a module of Aware’s Biometric Services Platform (BioSP).

“FIDO’s broad industry support makes it the most promising path to ending our reliance on passwords for online authentication, and facial biometrics will play a major role,” commented David Benini, VP of marketing at Aware. “Aware’s FIDO offerings are part of a range of mobile solutions that apply the depth of our technology to the special challenges of biometric enrollment and authentication, such as image quality assurance, ease of capture, and liveness detection.”

“FIDO aligns well with Aware’s long history of implementing biometric standards as well-supported off-the-shelf software products,” added Rob Mungovan, VP of biometrics. “Standards are critical to the success of consumer-focused applications, so we’re pleased to see such broad support for FIDO.”

BiometricUpdate.com recently had a chance to speak with Rob Mungovan about Aware’s biometric solutions, then and now. He is one of a handful in the biometrics industry who remembers its earliest days, and had some interesting perspectives on how far the sector has come.

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