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Smartmatic intros online voting solution with facial recognition


Smartmatic is introducing secure online voting solution with facial recognition that verifies the voter’s identity with a selfie.

The solution is being presented at this week’s E-VOTE-ID 2016 conference in Bregenz, Austria, held October 18 to 21. The event gathers election experts from around the world to share research, experience and best practice in the field of electronic voting and identity management.

Smartmatic’s online voting system, TIVI, uses facial recognition to allow voters to authenticate themselves using their smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop.

The solution ensures that the person who is voting is, in fact, the same individual who is eligible to vote.

It also guarantees that every person can vote only once by providing a secure digital identity to voters where their facial image is taken as part of the registration process and then checked with a selfie prior to casting their vote online.

“We are proud to be presenting this ‘class-leading’ solution that seamlessly integrates online authentication and voting, thereby empowering election authorities to successfully address the challenges of remote voting and voter eligibility assurance,” said Antonio Mugica, Smartmatic’s CEO. ”With our solution, you can vote online securely with a selfie.”

Integrating biometric authentication with online voting reduces the risk of voter impersonation and ensures that only eligible voters have access to the system and can successfully cast their vote.

TIVI is the only online voting solution in the world that allows universal digital verifiability to prove the integrity of the vote, from the point of casting up to the counting central facility, Smartmatic said.

Using advanced cryptographic techniques and a Blockchain based ballot box, the solution guarantees voter privacy, vote security and vote integrity.

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