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Novateqni completes prototypes of its elections technology

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NovaTeqni Corporation recently issued a corporate update in which it reported that over the last year it has completed all prototypes for its line of elections solutions, which can also be modified to be used for biometric identification purposes.

With more than 50 international elections taking place in 2018, including nearly 20 elections in Africa alone, NovaTeqni realized that completing the prototypes was a necessary step in order to take advantage of these opportunities.

Through its partnership with Paarl Media, a division of Novus Holdings Ltd, Novateqni will be demonstrating and marketing its solutions before the elections.

The company’s partnership with Novus Holdings Ltd. first began when NovaTeqni supplied elections technologies in Liberia.

Novus provided support, funding and financial strength for the United Nations project.

In the past year, Novateqni also provided a Know-Your-Client (KYC) system for Vodafone in Zambia.

The system builds on the previously supplied KYC solution provided to South Africa mobile telecommunications firm MTN, and the health registration system for QProxim in Nigeria.

Since being successfully launched, the system will be marketed globally throughout the continually expanding biometrics and KYC sector.

Novateqni also successfully completed Phase 1 of the biometrics-enabled Farmers Management System (FMS) which is used in the Tobacco industry in Malawi to allocate and track crop production as well as license farmers to generate a specific quota of tobacco.

Phase 2, which will track and trace the crop from production to auctioneers, will begin in the next couple of months followed bv the incorporation of a payments module.

The cloud based FMS system has several applications within the agricultural and similar regulated sectors.

The marketing of the system will begin in other countries for various agricultural applications as well as for use in the cannabis industry.

“We are very pleased to have completed development of our elections technologies and excited about our relationship with Novus Holdings Ltd for the marketing of these products,” Novateqni CEO Gerhard Mynhardt, said. “Other partners will also be signed up to promote and market biometrics identification solutions.”

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