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Facial recognition solutions from SenseTime, Google, and others offered for diverse applications


Biometric facial recognition is being deployed to a new group of devices, customers, and software solutions with use cases ranging from access control and smart home devices to time and attendance and online training, according to a series of announcements.

SenseTime access control device

SenseTime has launched a handheld mobile device for facial identification and authentication in heavy traffic scenarios, with the Shang Tang deep learning facial recognition algorithm integrated. The SensePass Pro is an 8-inch, ultrathin device with a high-definition binocular camera, according to the announcement, capable of verification in 0.3 seconds and recognition accuracy of up to 99.99 percent.

The device automatically performs capture and 1:N recognition, with offline recognition of up to 50,000 people, and also has a multi-person recognition mode to identify up to three people simultaneously. SenseTime says the SensePass Pro is perfect for high-end office buildings, corporate offices, campuses, transit stations, or large communities.

Google smart home display

The new Google Nest Hub Max is slated for commercial launch on September 9, and CNet reports it provides on-device facial recognition to automatically show personalized notifications, calendar and home screens. The camera and voice assistant-equipped smart home device also provides further facial recognition-based customization options for customers of Nest Aware cloud storage.

Melissa KYC app and business portal

User experience and compliance company Melissa has launched a new toolset for businesses to perform end-to-end identity verification processes, including ID card and document authentication, and facial biometric identity and liveness checks. Melissa KYC also streamlines customer onboarding and customer due diligence processes to ease regulatory compliance, according to the announcement.

“Whether verifying an address or working to prevent online fraud, the business process must be easily implemented and meet customer expectations for convenience and speed,” said Greg Brown, vice president, global marketing, Melissa. “Melissa KYC ensures that compliance activities are seamless for the business and create a straightforward, friction-free experience for end-users.”

Averda implements Ramco Systems’ time and attendance

International waste management services company Averda has selected a facial recognition time and attendance solution from Ramco Systems for deployment across its operations in Congo, Gabon, Morocco, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and the UAE.

“The development of an integrated Time & Attendance solution by Ramco means we can continue to scale our business steadily and in line with what has been a fast and exponential growth rate over recent years,” Averda Chief Growth and Operations Officer Mazen Chebaklo says. “We now have a single system that enables us to manage all employee requirements, from attendance monitoring to on-time salary payments, which is good for the company and great for employees.”

“Organisations today are rethinking the employee experience,” comments Ramco Systems CEO Virender Aggarwal. “By enabling a truly seamless integration with existing systems and by automating time management processes, we are saving staff hours hitherto wasted on workforce management operations.”

Integrity Advocate employee training verification

Online proctoring startup Integrity Advocate is pitching its facial recognition service as a way to prevent employees from faking the completion of workplace safety training courses, the Edmonton Journal reports.

The company’s co-founder Robert Day says spouses or co-workers often complete training on behalf of others, and even more often employees “will click play and walk away,” increasing the risk of work-related injuries and deaths.

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