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Yubico donates multi-factor authentication keys to protect free speech

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Yubico donates multi-factor authentication keys to protect free speech

Yubico has released the Yubico for Free Speech Program to uphold digital privacy, online security and free speech for vulnerable people and non-profits with hardware token-based authentication, the company announced.

Starting July 1, 2020, Yubico has decided to donate a FIDO-certified Yubikey with multi-factor authentication for every 20 units bought on their website. The donation will provide non-profits, and the communities they help, with hardware-backed security.

“Our goal is to enable these organizations to safely continue their important work of serving, empowering, and protecting vulnerable populations most at risk of targeted cyberattacks,” writes Ronnie Manning, Chief Marketing Office.

Over the years, Yubico has already engaged in partnerships with Freedom of the PressISC ProjectElectronic Frontier FoundationDefending Digital Campaigns, and the Human Rights Foundation. The company’s goal is to expand reach to other organizations, including human rights organizations and activist groups, non-profits that protect writers to ensure ethical reporting, and bi-partisan networks that fight for democratic integrity.

Yubico is committed to protecting free speech, and has had a long-term collaboration with Freedom of the Press. Manning feels “free speech is under attack” and that “coercive force, disinformation, doxxing, and cyberattacks are used across the globe each and every day to silence voices that matter.”

“At Freedom of the Press, we encourage all of our clients and trainees to use Yubikeys to secure their accounts and important communications,” said Harlo Holmes, Director of Newsroom Digital Security at Freedom of the Press, in a prepared statement. “This new program will make hardware tokens available to so many who have wanted to bolster their security, but couldn’t quite justify the expense. We’re thrilled to support Yubico in their initiative to bring a safer internet to those on the front lines of great causes.”

Interested non-profits can sign up for the Yubico for Free Speech Program here.

The company introduced YubiKey Bio, a hardware token with biometric fingerprint recognition, late last year at Microsoft Ignite but the company website shows it is not yet available for purchase.

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