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Canada launches digital ID trust and interoperability framework with support from Yoti and SecureKey

Canada launches digital ID trust and interoperability framework with support from Yoti and SecureKey

The Pan-Canadian Trust Framework has been launched by the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) to provide set of standards for digital ID and authentication, which may or may not include biometrics, to define the kind of digital ID that will be widely adopted in the country.

With the launch, alpha testing will be conducted by public and private entities in Canada, and DIACC is planning to launch a PCTF Voila Verified Trustmark Assurance Program next year based on the results of that testing. Alpha testing will be carried out by more than 20 DIACC member organizations.

The PCTF was formulated based on extensive consultations with stakeholders from the digital identity space, including the Digital ID Laboratory of Canada and Yoti. Yoti Commercial Lead for Canada Leigh Day co-chairs DIACC’s Innovation Expert Committee, and sits on its Outreach Expert Committee. The help of international and third-party partners like eIDAS and Kantara Initiative IAF was also enlisted, and more than 3,400 public comments were provided over a four-year process.

A Yoti blog post lauds the launch of the framework and reviews the company’s work on digital ID for pandemic response measures in the UK and rapid testing.

The PCTF’s finalization was fast-tracked due to the increased reliance on remote processes during the pandemic.

“Canadians have had to deal with identity theft and fraud, high anxiety in accessing services that they were in dire need of while facing social distancing measures, and attempting to go about their lives as normally as possible,” comments DIACC Board Chair Dave Nikolejsin in the organization’s announcement. “Digital ID minimizes all of those pain points, and elevates the livelihoods of Canadians everywhere.”

A representative of telecom Telus suggests the COVID-19 pandemic has advanced digital adoption ahead by five years. DIACC President Joni Brennan says digital ID could return 3 percent of GDP, or up to $100 billion, to a Canadian economy battered like those everywhere by the pandemic.

“From open banking to e-health, digital ID is a key enabler in unlocking the next frontier of our digital economy. Banks and telcos fortunately have been able to leverage existing digital ID services to support Canadians. “Digital identity verification has helped countless Canadians receive financial aid during the pandemic,” notes Andre Boysen, chief identity officer at SecureKey, “but it’s not enough. Now, we need to leverage that momentum, and push out a solution for digital ID in all levels of society. The PCTF is that answer.”

The Voila Verified program is slated for fall 2021 launch, with organizations demonstrating compliance with PCTF components issued a PCTF Voila Verified Trustmark.

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