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PopID adds gesture recognition to biometric and body temperature screening system

IpVenture, Richtech AI introduce technologies to protect individuals, businesses from COVID-19
PopID adds gesture recognition to biometric and body temperature screening system

A health screening system leveraging face biometrics and artificial intelligence from PopID has now been deployed to 35 senior living communities in the U.S. to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the company has announced.

The latest installation is at Modena Cherry Creek, a Denver-area senior community with 96 residences. The system provides a contact-free platform for employee identification, real-time body temperature screening, and hand gesture recognition for health questionnaire completion. Modena Cherry Creek is operated by Solera Senior Living, which also has other senior communities across the country.

Employees of the community enrol a photo for biometric facial recognition through the PopID website, and can then present themselves before the fixed biometric device for instant temperature checking and identification, with or without a mask on. Temperature measurement results are reported within seconds, and employees use a thumbs-up or thumbs-down gesture to complete the health survey questions appearing on-screen.

“Our new hand gesture recognition technology enables humans to communicate with public devices without touching the screen,” comments John Miller, chairman of the Cali Group and founder and CEO of PopID. “This new mechanism for human-computer interaction will play a central role in the future of facilities management as well as retail ordering and payment.”

The PopEntry+ device can also be integrated with different HR systems for auditable and traceable health data, and with access control systems to deny entry for unrecognized people or those detected to have a fever.

IpVenture launches biometric wearable

IpVenture has launched a Smart Eyewear technology to track the wearer’s biometrics, including heart rate, oxygen level, temperature, activity level and coughing frequency, and to provide an alert if an approaching person has a high body temperature or is registered as infected in available contact-tracing programs.

The eyewear includes a pulse oximeter, temperature sensor, front-facing visual camera and a thermal camera, as well as dual microphones for noise cancellation and Bluetooth connectivity. The eyewear can help identify the risk of the wearer contracting COVID-19, and make recommendations for self-quarantining and scheduling a test, according to the announcement.

IpVenture has partnered with IngenioSpec to offer selected partners a license for the company’s patented technologies at a nominal fee over the next 12 months. This compares with the suggested price for Rokid’s COVID-19 glasses, which IpVenture says is $6,999 a pair.

Richtech AI biometric screening system implemented by thousands of U.S. businesses

Richtech AI has partnered with Cigna Health to develop a biometric automated artificial intelligence (AI) temperature screening system (AATSS) as an all-in-one solution to enable business to protect their customers and employees with fast and non-intrusive scanning, the company says.

The system has been implemented by thousands of businesses across the U.S., according to Richtech AI.

The AATSS features a medical-grade near-infrared sensor array and biometric facial recognition to locate 64 points on the surface of the skin for temperature measurement. This allows the solution to provide extremely reliable temperature readings in two to three seconds, according to the announcement. The AATSS also includes a software suite with health Q&As, automated alerts, and remote reporting. A V2 Pro Enterprise model offers multi-level options for its data storage, temperature display, and facial recognition capabilities.

Businesses that are using the AATSS include the Gemological Institute of America, where VP Jared Giangiulio says throughput time for thousands of screenings has gone down by two-thirds, “and the facial recognition, face mask detection, access control, data capture and reporting capabilities are best in class,” he adds.

Starkville-Oktibbeha Consolidated School District Assistant Superintendent Anna Gunthrap says “the Richtech thermal imaging system has made it very easy for us to be able to screen our students, staff, and visitors as they enter our buildings. The email notification allows our school nurses and administrators to follow up immediately with anyone presenting with a fever before they interact with other people in the building. We also love the mask feature, which is a daily reminder for anyone entering our buildings on the proper way to wear a face covering.”

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