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Acuant digital ID document chip-reading goes mobile

Veriff releases barcode scanner for driver's licenses

identity document and smartphone

Acuant has extended its Ozone chip authentication technology to mobile applications to enable streamlined biometric identity verification with digital identity documents.

Ozone can now be used for authentication of increasingly common ePassports and eIDs via a mobile device in compliance with international regulations. The application can be used for identity verification and remote onboarding in any industry, from online banking to border management, according to Acuant.

Users can place a mobile device on the document to unlock the chip and read the data it contains. Data is instantly and securely sent to the cloud using robust cryptographic security processing, Acuant says, for the authentication of the credential and an integrity assessment of the data. Accessing a high quality, tamper-proof image from the chip also ensures the best accuracy, according to the announcement.

The document-checking solution also instantly provides notification if the document has been revoked by the issuer, and Acuant AssureID and FaceID facial recognition can be implemented in the same workflow to match a selfie to the biometric data from the image contained on the chip and perform a liveness check.

“Businesses and government agencies globally need a high level of confidence in the authenticity of the identity of a traveler, customer or prospective employee now that in- person transactions are restricted,” states Yossi Zekri, president and CEO of Acuant. “We have expanded the use of our Ozone technology to provide that confidence for all identity documents, including digital versions, in a fast, accurate and highly secure way. Ozone is simply the best way to validate ePassport and eID document integrity and ensure privacy protection.”

Ozone also includes built-in age verification and document expiration checks, and can generate a digital travel credential (DTC) from the physical document.

Acuant was recently recognized as a representative vendor in Gartner’s ‘Market Guide for Identity Proofing and Attribution’ for the third consecutive year.

Veriff launches ID document barcode reader

Veriff has launched an automatic barcode scanner to read information from identity documents, which the company says could help fight fraud and speed up identity verification.

Barcodes are included on the back of all U.S. and Canadian drivers’ licenses, the most commonly used ID document in both countries. The barcode contains a dense record or personal information, including the bearer’s name, address, height and eye color, along with the document’s validity date and number. A high-quality image is necessary to extract all this information, Veriff states.

Barcode scanning can be an effective way to detect document tampering, and Veriff has added the capability to its mobile web verification workflows. It will soon be expanded to Veriff’s mobile SDKs, Co-founder and COO Janer Gorohhov says in the announcement.

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