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iProov releases integrated biometric assurance solution for enterprises

iProov releases integrated biometric assurance solution for enterprises

A new integrated biometric assurance solution has been introduced by iProov to secure online customer authentication for global enterprises.

The company says that in the past organizations have faced a tough choice between systems that verify identity for frequent and low-risk transactions, and solutions capable of defending against AI-driven criminal attacks. With its integrated solution, iProov says, organizations can use a single suite of authentication technology with the capability to select the appropriate one automatically, to meet the threat level of every interaction.

The enterprise solution includes iProov’s Genuine Presence Assurance technology to ensure the online user is the right person, a real person, and physically present at the time with its patented Flashmark technology. It also provides passive Liveness Assurance, which has passed iBeta testing to the ISO 30107-3 Biometric Presentation Attack Detection Standard for Levels 1 and 2 with perfect results.

iProov explained its Genuine Presence Assurance technology in a recent blog post.

“Organizations need to balance security, usability, and cost when choosing the right biometric authentication provider. Until now, they have had to choose one level of security and stick with it. For the first time, iProov is providing the flexibility to select the assurance level to best match each transaction,” says iProov CEO Andrew Bud.

“One platform for every level of authentication brings three key benefits: a consistent user experience, technical simplicity, and peace of mind, knowing that every level of security is at your finger-tips.”

The company suggests the use of Genuine Presence Assurance for bank account onboarding to meet the requirements of financial regulators, while signing in to check an account balance could be completed with Liveness Assurance. Setting up a new payee or transferring a large amount of money could again be completed with Genuine Presence Assurance.

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