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iBeta Quality Assurance

iBeta Quality Assurance

Website: ibeta.com

iBeta is the most accomplished biometrics test lab in the world, with accreditations overseen by both governmental and private entities. We were the first to acquire many of these accreditations and have contributed to the establishment of several current biometrics standards through our experience and expertise. We have extensive biometric technology consulting results and have successfully conducted several hundred projects that led to compliance or certification. Our lab is sought out for thought leadership in biometrics technology and biometrics testing, and we offer our extensive experience and knowledge for consultation with biometrics companies of all sizes.

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Tech5’s contactless fingerprint PAD software passes iBeta evaluation with high marks

T5-AirSnap Finger, a patented technology for contactless fingerprint capture developed by Tech5, has successfully passed iBeta presentation attack detection (PAD)…

Aug 30, 2023

ROC.ai passes Level 2 PAD assessment from iBeta without missing an attack

Presentation attack detection software from Rank One Computing has passed a compliance assessment to ISO/IEC 30107-3 Level 2 by iBeta…

Aug 14, 2023

Accura Scan passes iBeta biometric liveness test, announces free checks for startups

India-based authentication company Accura Scan has passed the Level 2 biometric presentation attack detection (PAD) iBeta Quality Assurance test. To…

Jul 21, 2023

iBeta white paper explains benefits of ad hoc biometrics testing

Standardized independent testing is the best way for biometrics developers to prove their claims about the technology they build, but…

Jul 19, 2023

Facia raises $1.2M for R&D, international expansion and passes iBeta liveness test

UK startup Facia has raised $1.2 million in an early funding round, with plans to invest in liveness detection capabilities…

May 10, 2023

HID Global’s multispectral fingerprint scanners score perfect Level 2 PAD assessment

Multispectral fingerprint biometric scanners from HID Global have passed an independent assessment for presentation attack detection Lumidigm V-Series scanners blocked…

Apr 20, 2023

Liveness detection to take biometric adoption to new heights

By Carla Roncato and Chris Burt There is a compelling reason to believe that in the next few years, the…

Mar 2, 2023

Yoti passes iBeta Level 2 presentation attack detection test with 100% detection rate

Digital ID firm Yoti’s proprietary passive liveness technology, MyFace, saw off every attempted presentation attack during testing by iBeta, earning…

Feb 17, 2023

Compliance win announced by NtechLab after iBeta presentation attack test

A Russian biometrics firm’s software has passed the level two presentation attack detection test established by iBeta. Passive liveness testing…

Feb 8, 2023

iBeta examines impact of PAD standard update for biometrics developers and labs

The January update to the ISO/IEC 30107-3 standard for biometric presentation attack detection makes a series of small but significant…

Jan 30, 2023

Identomat passes level 2 biometric PAD compliance test from iBeta

Biometric onboarding and KYC solution provider Identomat has announced it has received confirmation of ISO/IEC 30107-03 compliance after passing a…

Jan 4, 2023

PayEye dual biometrics win FIDO certification with zero PAD errors

Polish fintech provider PayEye has obtained its FIDO Biometric Component Certification and proven highly resistant to presentation attacks, according to…

Dec 2, 2022

Rank One gets nod on ISO-IEC biometric PAD standard, wins a school security contract

Facial recognition vendor Rank One Computing says its single-frame passive liveness detection algorithm complies with level 1 ISO-IEC face presentation…

Oct 14, 2022

FIDO debuts document authenticity certification for mobile and remote ID verification

The FIDO Alliance has introduced a new certification program to address the rising need for more robust and straightforward online…

Jul 21, 2022

Integrated Biometrics product range now iBeta compliant, aces biometric PAD testing

NIST-accredited testing lab iBeta has evaluated Integrated Biometrics’ Kojak, Five-0 and Watson fingerprint scanners and found they meet the ISO…

Jun 30, 2022

iBeta report compares ISO and FIDO standards for biometric presentation attack testing

Biometrics test lab iBeta published a new report comparing the effectiveness of the ISO 30107 and FIDO protocols in relation…

Jun 14, 2022

iBeta biometrics testing expert explains the path from playdough to vendor credibility

Even within the field of biometrics, where neural networks and modern machine learning techniques have revolutionized established modalities and enabled…

Jun 9, 2022

Advance.AI liveness detection first in Southeast Asia to pass iBeta test

Singapore-based digital identity verification provider Advance.AI announced its biometric liveness detection products have passed iBeta’s Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) test…

May 3, 2022

Mobai, authID.AI biometric PAD compliance confirmed with perfect scores

Mobai and authID.AI have each received compliance confirmation for the ISO/IEC 30107-3 presentation attack detection (PAD) standard, demonstrating their effectiveness against…

Apr 25, 2022

Veridas ISO/IEC compliance confirmed for level 2 biometric liveness detection by iBeta

Spanish biometrics developer Veridas has received compliance confirmation to the international standard for presentation attack detection (PAD) level 2 test…

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iBeta broadens options for accredited independent biometric testing

Biometrics companies may have more options than they realize to improve their technologies and prove their credibility by testing them…

iBeta Quality Assurance White Papers


Biometric ad hoc testing: When the standards don’t meet your goals

Biometrics testing is an important aspect of the security industry, particularly in the field of authentication and access control. Traditionally,…

Feb 8, 2023January 2023 update to ISO/IEC standard 30107-3: How do changes affect development and testing?
Jun 30, 2022ISO PAD and FIDO testing comparison

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