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Ipsidy joins the FIDO Alliance, Alcatraz joins PSA partner network

Biometrics firms expanding their reach
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Ipsidy joins the FIDO Alliance, Alcatraz joins PSA partner network

It is a significant week for the expansion of biometrics partnerships in the United States.

In New York, mobile biometric identity solutions Ipsidy announced it has joined the FIDO Alliance to advance on-device passwordless authentication.

Just days later, in Westminster, Colorado, systems integrator consortium PSA Security Network revealed Alcatraz AI has joined it to deliver touchless biometric authentication to enterprise settings.

Ipsidy joins FIDO

Ipsidy has officially joined the FIDO Alliance, after a previous announcement in August, to further develop its goal of creating a digital, rooted, trusted identity for online users with biometrics.

The move comes after Ipsidy partnered with LoginID last month to integrate FIDO2 and UAF-certified customer authentication with biometric identity verification to fight online fraud.

FIDO-compliant solutions bypass the need for passwords by promoting the use of a combination of biometric verification and encrypted device authentication.

Ipsidy’s mobile identity platform and solutions comply with this vision, the company’s CEO Phil Kumnick said, commenting on the news.

“Ipsidy is committed to helping define the interoperable standards that will drive identity verification and strong authentication, delivered quickly to customer platforms and their users,” Kumnick explained.

“The alliance and Ipsidy both believe in the goal of delivering on this promise while providing the highest levels of accuracy, security, and trust.”

PSA partners with Alcatraz

Alcatraz is rapidly expanding its reach on the U.S. market, with the company entering an agreement with TRL Systems and Channeltivity last month.

Now, Alcatraz is growing even further by becoming one of PSA’s partners and providing the consortium with its biometric facial authentication and mask enforcement solutions.

Alcatraz’s autonomous access control platform is powered by artificial intelligence and features 3D sensing capabilities to enable secure and touchless entry into physical locations.

“The Alcatraz team is very excited to make our facial authentication platform available to the PSA Network,” commented Alcatraz Chief Revenue Officer Tina D’Agostin.

As part of the partnership, the CRO added, PSA members will now be able to begin selling and deploying Alcatraz’s touchless access control solutions. The platform and devices will be installed in PSA customers’ buildings at doors, turnstiles, and elevators.

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