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Mobile biometrics initiatives announced by Jumio, Mobbeel, Trusona, and KABN

New digital identity solutions for education, banking, and enterprise

digital identity KYC security

Several companies have announced digital identity verification solutions and initiatives powered by mobile device biometrics.

Jumio released new guidelines on how digital identity verification can be used to help U.S. colleges mitigate the effects of the COVID pandemic, and KABN launched its Liquid Avatar App. Also, Trusona announced its first app-less multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution, and Banco Promerica El Salvador launched digital accounts featuring Mobbeel’s KYC technology.

Jumio highlights guidelines for identity verification for U.S. Colleges

Jumio has published new guidelines detailing how identity verification can help U.S. colleges tackle the effects of the pandemic.

According to the California-based biometrics provider, these institutions had to sustain costly expenses to enable continuity of operation online while complying with social distancing regulations placed to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Remote identification is one of such expenses, prompted by an increasing need to verify students remotely when enrolling or participating in online classes.

The identity verification process traditionally happens via a facial recognition algorithm matching a scan of a document with a biometric selfie taken during the authentication process.

To foster the deployment of these kinds of measures, the U.S. government has passed two bills since the CARES Act to provide funds to higher education institutions to help them deliver their education services remotely.

The bills, passed respectively on December 27 2020 and January 14, 2021, allow schools and institutions that process U.S. federal student aid to take advantage of funds from the overall allocated amount of $103.08 billion.

According to Jumio, U.S. educational institutions should utilize these funds also to deploy their digital identity verification solutions, to make sure students’ identities are protected, and academic services delivered to the right individuals.

KABN launches Liquid Avatar app

Digital identity solutions provider KABN has launched the first phase of its Liquid Avatar app in the Apple Store and Google Play.

The Liquid Avatar platform includes facial recognition technology to allow users to create digital representations of themselves, then prompts them to associate the account with a biometric signature for verification purposes.

The app then utilizes biometrically verified access based on the Trust over IP Foundation‘s framework to enable users to share their data with companies and institutions.

The first unrolling of the Liquid Avatar app, which will close at the end of March, is intended to allow users to familiarize themselves with the basics of setting up and sharing a Liquid Avatar.

Phase 2 is scheduled for late March and will introduce the ability to create multiple Liquid Avatars and manage different facets of personality (called personas) as well as storing items in a digital personal locker, and more.

The end of April will then see the introduction of Phase 3, which will bring the early introduction of Liquid Avatar’s digital wallet and verifiable identity credentials, as well as “badges.”

Finally, Phase 4 is currently scheduled for the end of May and will see the first major release of the Liquid Avatar app, together with the introduction of Digital Certificates of Authenticity.

KABN has specified the Liquid Avatar will remain free, and the company will earn potential revenues through card transaction fees, commissions, and other fees paid by partners and vendors.

Trusona announces first app-less MFA solution

Trusona has announced its first app-less MFA solution, which the passwordless authentication company says provides out-of-the-box authentication for customers and employees through mobile devices.

The new, patent-pending solution is based on the FIDO2 WebAuthn protocol and aims to deliver strong security while enabling a simple user experience.

“As a member of the FIDO Alliance and provider of passwordless authentication solutions, Trusona shares FIDO Alliance’s vision to secure the world from the vulnerabilities of passwords,” commented Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer of the FIDO Alliance.

The new solution will also include a FIDO-certified, cloud-based server based on FIDO2 authentication standards.

Trusona pitches the passwordless solution as a way for contact centers to eliminate legacy authentication methods without requiring a customer app download, as a means of BYOD employee authentication, and for IoT devices.

“We applaud Trusona’s progress and contributions as the FIDO community continues to collaborate to provide stronger and simpler authentication experiences for all,” Shikiar concluded.

Banco Promerica launches digital accounts with Mobbeel KYC tech

Banco Promerica El Salvador has announced a new collaboration with Veentrix, a local partner of Mobbeel.

The partnership will enable the bank to provide its customers with fully digital accounts.

With the digital signature and biometric authentication technologies from Mobbeel supplied by Veentrix, users will be able to open an account directly via the Android or iOS app through a scan of their identity document and a facial recognition comparison.

Following the initial biometric authentication and verification process, customers will be able to take advantage of several online services, including send and receive transfers, withdraw cash from ATMs, and more.

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