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Accura Scan brings biometric onboarding solutions to Middle East

New partnerships and planned fundraise revealed

passive biometric liveness

Accura Scan recently announced a series of new partnerships and expansion initiatives involving its biometric onboarding solutions.

The company announced plans to raise funds in 2021 to support the technological development of its biometric KYC and digital onboarding portfolio, and days later Accura Scan revealed an expansion in Jordan.

The firm capped off a series of announcements by revealing partnerships with NEC Payments Bahrain, the Gulf Bank of Kuwait, and Ahli Bank Qatar.

Improving biometric onboarding with fresh funds

According to Economic Times, Accura Scan’s latest call for investments are aimed at developing more sophisticated hallmarks to the company’s biometric onboarding technology.

The planned fundraising comes at a time of expansion for the company, which in the face of the pandemic helped banks with the remote authentication of their customers.

“We are persistent on the growth of our product offerings since the beginning,” Accura Scan CEO Yasin Patel said.

The company offers a variety of digital identity-related services, including document verification, KYC onboarding, and more.

“So we are streaming in ID Forgery, Video KYC and Certified User Verification in the fresh batch of services in 2021,” Patel added.

Accura Scan to build new client base in Jordan

With the expansion in Jordan, Accura Scan is aiming to build a new client base with customizable products for biometric identity verification.

According to a blog post on the company’s website, many institutions in Jordan still opt for an in-person, offline KYC verification process.

Accura Scan now aims to help financial institutions in the country to bring their KYC verification process online, while also providing a more secure gateway for users.

In order to do so, the Accura SDK (Software Development Kit) is now available to Jordanian companies and institutions for integration into their apps.

Customer wins in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar

Accura Scan has partnered with NEC Payments Bahrain to provide face biometric authentication and liveness detection for KYC verification and monitoring transactions. Gulf Bank of Kuwait and Ahli Bank in Qatar have also signed up with the company for OCR and customer verification technologies for compliant onboarding.

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