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Fall digital identity events announced by Goode Intelligence, Future Identity, EAB, Smart Engines

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Fall digital identity events announced by Goode Intelligence, Future Identity, EAB, Smart Engines

A major new biometrics and digital ID event has been announced by Goode Intelligence, with free delegate registration and proposals for presentations now open.

Digital Trust World 2021, which is characterized as ‘the Conference for Authentication, Biometrics, Fraud & Security and Identity,’ will be held online from October 4 to 7.

Goode Intelligence is calling for speakers and papers from among professionals and practitioners outside of the vendor and sales community to share their expertise in authentication, biometrics, digital identity, fraud and security. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

“Trust is at the heart of fruitful relationships – both personal and professional – for both the physical and digital worlds. In the physical world, trust is created through security, effective process and reputation,” explains Goode Intelligence CEO and Chief Analyst Alan Goode. “In the digital world we need to match the levels of trust that thousands of years of human civilisation has created to maintain a safe and prosperous society. Digital transformation is accelerating at an incredible rate across the globe. How we recreate the trust of the physical world, and even improve on it, is one of the fundamental questions of our time.”

In addition to biometrics and the other themes mentioned above, the event will feature programming on privacy and ethics, skills and professional training, legal requirements and attracting investment.

Future Identity Festival coming in November

The Future Identity Festival 2021 will be held November 15 and 16 at The Brewery, London, where it is co-located with the Fintech Talents Festival.

The event will be attended by a mix of biometrics and digital identity solutions providers, commercial and public sector buyers and other stakeholders, and feature more than 200 speakers from organizations including Santander, the Government of Aruba, the FIDO Alliance and Kantara Initiative. The event will also feature a craft beer festival and acoustic music stage.

A report has also been published by Future Identity and OCR Labs on the importance of making payment easy and secure to improving the sky-high transaction abandonment rates of up to 80 percent in ecommerce. The typically opposed roles of digital identity and friction in achieving that ease and security is examined in the report ‘The future of identity is embedded.’

Passes for the Future Identity Festival are now available, with early bird rates and free virtual passes.

EAB workshop aims for standardized image quality assessment

The European Association for Biometrics (EAB) is holding a workshop on face image quality from November 16 to 18, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM), NIST, eu-LISA and Horizon 2020 project iMARS.

The workshop will provide a forum for continued discussion on the standardization of biometric image quality assessment, including the work of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC37 and the ISO/IEC 29794 standard. The workshop is intended to focus on “the development of a freely available, portable and expandable implementation of algorithms for quality assessment according to ISO/IEC 29794-1: 2016, which can be contributions to the face image quality standard ISO/IEC 29794-5: 202x, which is currently under development,” according to the announcement.

The progress of that standard in development will be discussed by manufacturers and users of biometric systems, along with scientists in facial recognition, with the intention of identifying gaps and future direction.

An ultimate objective of the workshop is to launch a free implementation of an Open-Source Quality Algorithm Software (OS-QA software) to provide a unified quality score.

ICMV Document Liveness Challenge 2021

Smart Engines has joined with the Russian Academy of Science (FRC CSC RAS and IITP RAS) and France’s Laboratoire Informatique, Image et Interaction (L3i) at La Rochelle University for the first-ever Document Liveness Challenge (DLC) at the International Conference on Machine Vision (ICMV) 2021.

ICMV 2021 will be the 14th edition of the conference, held November 8 to 12 in Rome. DLC 2021 will consist of three challenges, based on document image recapture detection, document photocopy detection, and unlaminated document detection, and is based on the MIDV-2020 dataset and specifically prepared extensions.

Smart Engines notes in the announcement the importance of document liveness checks to detect fraud during digital identity document verification.

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