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Advanced digital ID document analysis devices from Elyctis, Regula deployed

For border control in Czechia, police forensics in Ecuador, respectively
Advanced digital ID document analysis devices from Elyctis, Regula deployed

IT security, software development and automation provider Vitkovice IT Solutions has revealed that it has integrated ID document readers from Elyctis into its portfolio. Vitkovice has already delivered Elyctis biometric passport readers to Czechia’s border police to help safely and efficiently process people entering the country.

The border police needed a solution to perform passport chip and biometric checks with a single movement, according to the announcement.

As the Czech Republic is one of the countries accepting refugees from Ukraine, the delivery of hundreds of Elyctis’ ID BOX One Desktop devices to authorities was urgent. The company says that in spite of the ongoing electronics component shortage, Vitkovice was able to deliver the Elyctis ID readers on time. Deployment was also eased by Elyctis SDK.

Vitkovice’s reasons given for selecting Elyctis’ half-page scanner are high performance, flexible reading and authentication of biometric passports, e-visas and digital ID cards, at a lower price and more easily integrated size than full-page scanners.

“Elyctis is our number one choice for all projects in which we need to read ID documents: not only do they read and authenticate all kinds of ID documents (ID cards, ePassports, …), but they are readily available and cost-efficient, and we benefit from their support when completing our software developments using their SDK,” comments Vitkovice IT Solutions CEO Vladimír Měkota.

Vitkovice supplies private entities, as well as Czech government agencies.

“We are proud to have been selected by Vitkovice for their needs for ID readers,” says Elyctis CEO Alexandre Joly. “We are ready to deliver our whole range of readers to them as we are confident, they will be successful in numerous new projects in the Czech Republic and in Europe more globally.”

Elyctis ID document readers were also integrated into Telpo biometric terminals just months ago.

Regula supplies new ID document analysis capabilities to Ecuadorian forensic labs

Regula is supplying new ID document scanning and analysis solutions to police forensic labs in Ecuador, according to a company announcement.

The devices are now being used by the Documentology section of the National Directorate of Police Scientific Technical Investigation. The Directorate is under Ecuador’s Servicio Nacional de Medicina Legal y Ciencias Forenses (Ecuadorian National Service of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences).

The police forensics lab selected Regula’s 4308 dual-video spectral comparator to replace the devices it has used for document examination for over a decade.

They will be used to analyze ID documents, banknotes, signatures and more, according to the announcement.

The 4308 dual-video spectral comparator features MRZ, RFID chips and hidden images to analyze digital ID documents, and gives the labs capabilities their legacy devices did not have.

“As a governmental organization responsible for forensic research on the national level, we are proud and satisfied with the result we got on the modernization of our forensic labs,” comments Cristian Ernesto Salgado Ortega, technical coordinator at the National Service of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of Ecuador.

Banking giant UBS was recently revealed to be using Regula’s document verification technology for customer onboarding.

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