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RecFaces facial recognition installed at manufacturing plant in Guatemala

RecFaces facial recognition installed at manufacturing plant in Guatemala

RecFaces’ Id-Gate biometric system was recently installed at Pronico’s manufacturing plant in Guatemala — a facility with over 1800 personnel.

According to the company, the biometric software solution enhances security and reliability by verifying the access rights of employees and visitors using biometric face identification instead of less secure keycards.

“With RecFaces’ Id-Gate biometric solution, the security service managed to provide contactless access for the plant’s employees in the checkpoint area, which helped to save time and increase throughput,” says Alexandr Brezhnev, the CTO of Pronico. “Besides, it allows the HR department to control actual hours worked, calculate wages and prevent violations of work ethic; improves the employees’ efficiency and ensures a higher security of the object.”

When a user enters the entrance area, scanners take a picture, create a biometric template and compare it to the profile database. The system then allows or denies access, depending on the check results.

Id-Gate compares the data from a video stream to pre-loaded biometric profiles and any previously detected images. It allows officers to quickly identify recognized or unrecognized people, their membership status and other relevant information.

RecFaces CEO Tamara Morozova explains the advantages of facial recognition technology over traditional access controls:

“Off-the-shelf biometric solutions, such as Id-Gate, keep track of when and where workers enter the facility, ensuring their safety at any given time. The once-preferred RFID card method is not only easy to bypass but does not provide the level of security required when entering restricted areas.”

RecFaces says the demand for enhanced security at critical industrial enterprises has risen as the number of violations and thefts involving sensitive data and information increases. According to Mordor Intelligence, the Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) market is estimated to experience a compound annual growth rate of 35.5 percent over the next five years.

In 2022, RecFaces announced several other large-scale projects, including the biometric identification of passengers at Bangkok Metro Chong Nonsi Skywalk and staff at a Telecom Egypt data center.

“Facial recognition allows businesses to ensure security protocols are strictly followed, as it is not possible to pass over a traditional keycard or punch a time card for someone else,” adds Morozova.

RecFaces also recently launched a facial recognition software, Id-Time, for tracking employee time and attendance with autonomous terminals. The company says Id-Time’s features help simplify the process of monitoring employee attendance with its five preconfigured reports based on various data, including worker attendance, idling time, tardiness and hours. Additionally, it includes fraud detection capabilities and pushes notifications.

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