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FIDO Alliance

The FIDO Alliance is an industry consortium launched in February 2013 to address the lack of interoperability among strong authentication devices and the problems users face creating and remembering multiple usernames and passwords. Nok Nok Labs, PayPal and Lenovo were among the founders.

FIDO Alliance also offers the Biometric Component Certification Program – the first such program for the industry at large. The program utilizes accredited independent labs to certify that biometric subcomponents meet globally recognized performance standards for biometric recognition performance and Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) and are fit for commercial use.

FIDO Alliance Biometrics News


Zwipe joins the FIDO Alliance

Zwipe has joined the FIDO Alliance, the group announced recently. “As we continue to transition from ‘start-up mode,’ it only made…

Apr 30, 2014

IriTech joins the FIDO Alliance

IriTech has joined the FIDO Alliance, the company announced Wednesday. “Amid the recent credit card data breaches and Identity theft…

Apr 22, 2014

Samsung, ARM join FIDO Alliance Board of Directors

The FIDO Alliance has announced that both ARM and Samsung Electronics have joined the group’s growing board of directors. “Samsung introduced the world’s…

Apr 14, 2014

Morpho joins the FIDO Alliance

Morpho has joined the FIDO Alliance, the group announced Monday. “As a leader in secure identity management, we are delighted to join…

Feb 25, 2014

Bank of America joins the FIDO Alliance

The Bank of America has just joined the FIDO Alliance. “Bank of America is counted among the world’s leaders in financial…

Feb 25, 2014

PayPal and Samsung launch FIDO authentication and fingerprint payments for Samsung Galaxy S5

The FIDO Alliance has announced the first deployment of FIDO authentication and biometric fingerprint payment options, through a new collaboration between…

Feb 20, 2014

FIDO Alliance outlines plans for RSA Conference

The FIDO Alliance has outlined its plans for the RSA Conference USA 2014, set to take place in San Francisco…

Feb 18, 2014

Monkeetech joins FIDO Alliance

Monkeetech has just announced its new associate membership to the FIDO Alliance. The New York-based program development company specializes in mobile…

Feb 13, 2014

Nok Nok Labs launches new authentication suite, first to allow usage of FIDO Ready devices

Nok Nok Labs has announced the launch of its NNLTM S3 Authentication Suite, which it says unifies current authentication silos and…

Feb 12, 2014

FIDO Alliance releases draft specifications for public review

The FIDO Alliance has just released the first public review draft of its technology specification. “It is with pride that the…

Feb 6, 2014

FIDO Alliance outlines plans for Mobile World Congress

The FIDO Alliance has just unveiled its plans for Mobile World Congress, set to take place in Barcelona later this month,…

Feb 3, 2014

VoiceVault joins the FIDO Alliance

VoiceVault has just joined the FIDO Alliance as a part of its current mobile identity verification strategy. “We are delighted to join…

Jan 30, 2014

RSA joins the FIDO Alliance

The FIDO Alliance has announced that RSA, the security division of EMC has joined the Alliance and been appointed to the Board…

Jan 10, 2014

Go-Trust demonstrates FIDO-based microSD chip

Go-Trust demonstrated its FIDO microSD device at the 2014 International Consumers Electronics Show (CES) this week.  The device allows users…

Jan 9, 2014

Sonavation showcases biometric identity fob at CES

Sonavation unveiled its AXISKEY personal biometric authentication device at the 2014 International Consumers Electronics Show (CES) this week. AXISKEY is…

Dec 20, 2013

FIDO Alliance launches FIDO Ready certification program, member plans for CES

The FIDO Alliance has announced its new FIDO Ready Certification Program. According to the group, members will be demonstrating tested and…

Dec 17, 2013

Discover Financial Services joins the FIDO Alliance

Discover Financial Services, and the FIDO Alliance have announced that Discover has joined the alliance and been appointed to the group’s Board…

Dec 12, 2013

Sonavation joins FIDO Alliance as sponsor member

The FIDO Alliance has announced another new member to the group today: Sonavation. Sonavation is the creator of a biometric authentication…

Dec 12, 2013

Microsoft joins the FIDO Alliance

Microsoft has joined the FIDO Alliance as a member of the group’s Board of Directors. Representing the preeminent desktop and enterprise software…

Dec 3, 2013

ValidSoft joins the FIDO Alliance

ValidSoft has announced that it has just joined the FIDO Alliance. “We’re pleased to support FIDO Alliance’s efforts to create and…

FIDO Alliance Industry Insights


Implementing passwordless in device-restricted environments

By Rohan Pinto, CTO for 1Kosmos The increasing reliance on mobile devices for implementing secure, passwordless authentication in workplace settings…

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Biometrics Explainers by FIDO Alliance


Explainer: Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a layer of security that ensures a person provides two or more pieces of information to…

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