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Website: pixlab.io

PixLab is a platform that integrates vision, storage, prediction, annotation, and media processing. Browse, consume, build, and deploy intelligent apps powered by state-of-the-art Machine Vision APIs.

PixLab Biometrics News


PixLab launches high-volume biometric KYC platform with global ID document support

Symisc Systems subsidiary PixLab has launched a digital know your customer platform for developers to build ID document scans and…

May 8, 2024

Biometric age estimation shows maturity with ITL milestone, PixLab launch, Incode testing

The market for biometric age estimation is heating up as laws and regulations are enacted and debated all over the…

Apr 2, 2024

PixLab introduces single-frame biometric face authentication to FACEIO platform

PixLab has developed an advanced software model for its FACEIO platform that can authenticate and verify the liveness of face…

Oct 30, 2023

Regula ID scanning devices chosen by US university for forensic researcher training

Regula’s spectral comparator has been chosen by a U.S. university to train forensic scientists, while new scanners have been launched…

Aug 29, 2023

PixLab adds passive deepfake detection to biometric authentication framework

Responding to the growth of deepfake attacks, image-analysis firm PixLab has developed software for passive liveness detection that identifies fraudulent…

Jul 20, 2023

New partnerships for document scanning and KYC expansions show ID verification demand

Identity verification providers are partnering and signing up new customers to extend the reach of their technologies, including Shufti Pro,…

Jun 26, 2023

PixLab and FaceIO update privacy policy for face biometrics, age verification

U.S.-based computer vision company PixLab and its face biometrics brand FaceIO have updated their privacy policy and terms of service…

Jun 12, 2023

Yoti taking age estimation global as US debates online limits for minors

Biometrics developers like PixLab are rolling out new features to prevent minors from accessing certain content while Yoti says its…

Mar 1, 2023

PixLab adds active liveness detection to FaceIO biometrics framework

Biometric liveness detection technologies by machine vision company PixLab have been implemented in the firm’s FaceIO cross-browser facial authentication framework….

Sep 16, 2022

PixLab launches face biometrics authentication framework for web applications

Machine vision company PixLab has launched its web-based facial authentication framework, FaceIO, which can be integrated on any website via…

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