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Zetes provides highly secure solutions that meet the basic needs of governments to control their borders, to identify their citizens and guarantee their rights and to protect them against identity theft.

Zetes Biometrics News


Belgium launches digital health pass with Zetes trust services

Belgium has launched its Digital COVID Certificate (DCC), with digital trust services provided by ZetesConfidens, Zetes’ digital transaction security business…

Feb 26, 2021

Zetes showcases biometrics-backed digital identity progress in Belgium

Digital ID provider Zetes is featuring the roll out of its biometric PeopleID in all 581 Belgian municipalities with a…

Dec 22, 2020

Zetes launches Panasonic facial recognition at Cape Verde Airport

The Republic of Cape Verde officially launched its new biometric border control system developed by Zetes, promising travelers faster and…

Oct 1, 2020

Thales, Zetes contracted for embedded biometrics and forgery protections of new Belgian passports

The next generation of passports in Belgium will be produced by Thales and personalized with biometric and biographical data by Zetes under…

Mar 11, 2020

Biometrics awards round-up: veriScan, Access Softek, Qualcomm, Kount, Socure, Zetes

The 2020 business technology awards’ season is upon us, and several biometrics companies, as well as organizations implementing biometrics from…

Jan 15, 2020

Zetes launches production of upgraded biometric eIDs in Belgium

Zetes has started developing new Belgian electronic ID cards for 25 pilot communities, the company announced at a press conference…

Jun 14, 2019

ID4Africa 2019 participants preview biometrics news to come from leading global event

Biometrics companies are revealing details of their participation in the 5th Annual Meeting of the ID4Africa movement, hosted by the…

Jun 11, 2019

Civil society and industry tackle issues with biometrics and digital ID for social development

What do we mean by digital identity? Can institutions and governments be trusted to run ID systems? Who should implement…

May 23, 2019

Zetes to present on public service delivery and showcase biometric solutions at ID4Africa

Zetes is returning as a Platinum sponsor of ID4Africa for the movement’s fifth annual conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, June…

Oct 8, 2018

Zetes wins contracts to deploy e-signature technology in Belgian IDs

Zetes has extended its role of providing Belgian government ID by winning a pair of contracts from the Belgian Ministry…

Oct 4, 2018

Zetes launches e-signature portfolio to help companies meet eIDAS requirements

Zetes has created a new division to provide trust services related to electronic signatures to cover all e-signature needs and…

Jul 3, 2018

Zetes releases whitepaper on initiating large scale identity projects

Zetes has made its whitepaper on initiating large scale identity projects available on its website. The whitepaper, titled “At the…

Jun 17, 2018

Zetes deploys Panasonic face recognition tech for access control at Belgian football stadium

Zetes announced the implementation of a new biometric access control system using Panasonic’s WV-ASF950 face recognition server software at the…

Jun 1, 2018

Zetes to continue supplying Belgian drivers’ licenses

Zetes will retain the contract for Belgian drivers’ licenses until 2023, after the country’s Federal Public Service (FPS) Mobility and…

Apr 25, 2018

Dialogue focuses on concrete results during ID4Africa Day 2

The second day of the annual conference of the ID4Africa movement featured passionate addresses on a wide variety of topics…

Apr 24, 2018

ID4Africa 2018 begins with optimism over continental progress toward universal legal identity

The first day of ID4Africa 2018 drew to a successful close late in the day in Abuja, Nigeria, with hundreds…

Apr 19, 2018

Zetes marks ID4Africa with whitepaper on identity projects

Zetes is marking its participation in ID4Africa 2018 as a platinum sponsor by publishing a whitepaper on initiating large scale…

May 24, 2016

Biometrics firms showcase identity solutions at ID4Africa

A number of biometrics firms are participating in the second edition of the ID4Africa forum which takes place in Kigali,…

Feb 27, 2015

SNEDAI partners with Zetes for biometric ID card registration and production

The Ivory Coast’s SNEDAI, the national company for the issuing of administrative identification documents, has partnered with Zetes to collect…

Jun 20, 2014

Zetes provides biometric voter solution for Toga presidential election

Zetes has been awarded with a new contract with the Government of the Republic of Togo in which it will…

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