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Biometric Update publishes exclusive features and executive interviews along with forward-looking, systematic data about digital identity projects in developing nations.


World Bank proposes $250M for Indonesia digital ID for public and private service access

Indonesia may receive US$250 million in funding from the World Bank Group’s International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) to…


Delays, extortions, and voter exclusion: Cameroon’s national biometric ID card conundrum

Ashu M. just clocked 20 years this November, the legal age for voting in the central African nation of Cameroon….


Global lessons from digitally identifying the poor for health in Cambodia, India, Rwanda

Digital technologies help in the development of health schemes, according to the findings of a new publication from the WHO….


Nigeria’s NIMC boss commends digital ID enrollments milestone as capacity increases

The head of Nigeria’s digital ID issuing agency praises the “unified ID approach” and ecosystem model adopted, calling it a…


Brazil’s biometrics-based federal services platform is a risk to rights, liberties: report

The merging of registers, including biometrics, to create a centralized database for authenticating users of Brazil’s government services platform was…


Does the husband know? Some issues surrounding IDs for refugees can shock

It can be tempting for some to think that for all the despair and chaos assumed at a refugee crisis,…


Malawi’s biometric ID approaches total coverage, huge cost savings

From no national ID system in 2017, Malawi has now registered around 94 percent of its adult population and those…


Lessons from Aadhaar for digital ID architecture, financing shared by Nilekani and ID4Africa

Nandan Nilekani, founding chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India, and prominent Aadhaar architect, expounded on the lessons that…


Low birth registration in Zimbabwe and ensuing roadblocks explored on ID16.9 podcast

Zimbabwe’s low birth registration rate is raising concerns among community observers, as those without legal identities may struggle to access…


Privacy International leader argues digital identity exceeds SDG scope on ID16.9 podcast

UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.9 is being interpreted by governments and the private sector in ways that promote digital identity…


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