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Biometric Update regularly authors news about eIDAS. The following list of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news regarding eIDAS. Additional tags may be explored by reviewing our entire Biometrics Topics list.


Global recognition of EU trust services for digital ID slowly moves forward

Five experts in the field of digital identity shared their opinions and ideas about global recognition of EU trust services…


Avast pitches decentralized digital ID and FIDO integration at Authenticate 2022

An Authenticate 2022 session Wednesday explored the open standards and cryptography behind self-sovereign identity (SSI) and how they can complement…


Norway BankID to go biometric, international with OneSpan integrations

Norway’s highly successful BankID system is becoming a de facto digital ID. Its new app replaces the mobile web interface….


iProov’s Genuine Presence Assurance for face biometrics certified to eIDAS’ High Level

iProov announced it received a certification for its biometric face verification technology with liveness detection to Level of Assurance High…


Will EU digital identity drop the unique identifier?

The European Commission may be changing its mind about its proposed requirement for all European Union member states to incorporate…


Overidentification, unobservability and super cookies: privacy issues ahead for EU digital ID

The European Union’s Data Protection Supervisor brought together experts on digital identity and digital wallets to appraise the current situation…


Videosign partners for ‘eIDAS Qualified’ biometric electronic signatures

British biometric facial verification, proof of signature and online meeting company Videosign is now offering eIDAS (electronic identification and trust…


Age verification and digital wallets for minors: EU launches strategy for online child safety

The European Union has devised a new strategy to help protect its children online as more protective technologies become available…


Feedback for EU digital wallets as Switzerland explores digital ID ecosystem

The EU is continuing to progress towards its goal of not just digital ID but a digital wallet for all…


Workshop showcases EU progress on remote identity proofing, but fragmentation persists

The legal, technical, and user requirements for remote digital identity proofing are sometimes contradictory, but must be navigated by service…

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