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Biometric Certification Training Boot Camp


Las Vegas, NV
9:30 – 4:30

One Boot Camp Prepares you for all major Biometric Vendor Neutral Certifications

Biocertification offers an international, vendor neutral biometric security training and certification program for technology professionals in one of the fastest growing areas of information security.


About Biocertification
Certified Biometrics Security Professional Institute (BioCertification.com)
The Biocertification.com is a vendor neutral Biometrics security benchmark program certification in the IT industry, leading the direction that other certification programs follow. The most successful programs launched by Biocertification in the recent history are:

Certified Biometrics Security Professional (CBSP)
Certified Biometrics Security Professional (CBST)
Certified Biometrics Security Engineer (CBSE)
Certified Biometrics Solutions Developer (CBSD)

Biocertification goal is to lead the industry by including courses based on clear skill sets identified as valuable by Biometrics Security Experts & IT Security managers. The Biocertification curriculum is streamlined and simplified, focusing on the skill sets most needed by employers. Biocertification is creating new standards in testing to cut down on paper certified professionals and focuses on hands-on training programs.

Program Description
The demand for skilled biometric security professional is growing significantly world wide. Biocertification.com recognizes the importance of a vendor neutral biometric certification that would benefit individuals who want to stay on top of the cutting edge security solutions in technology. By becoming Certified Biometric Security Engineer will provide you the competitive edge in today’s tough market place.

Who Should Attend
This special 3 Day Biometrics certification training Boot Camp program designed for both novice and as well as experienced networking and IT security professionals who wish to gain a solid understanding of Biometric Technologies and as well usage of Biometrics in the real world applications. This program will significantly benefit security officers, auditors, security professionals, site administrators, and anyone who is concerned about the Physical, Networking and as well as Data security.

• Real World Applicability Ensure that you receive in-depth knowledge which you can immediately apply to real world challenges.
• Flexibility Choose from a variety of instruction methods including instructor led and virtual live
Credibility Receive a vendor neutral and independent certification which demonstrates your competency
• Very First Provider of Vendor Neutral Biometrics Certification from last 8 years
• Expertise Program managed and delivered by a team of Subject Matter Experts and security industry professionals with extensive industry experience

CBSE Boot Camp Topics Covered:

• Introduction to authentication and authorization
• Fundamentals of biometric technologies
• Analysis of system performance
• In-depth discussion of commercially available technologies like fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, hand geometry, vascular pattern recognition, voice recognition, dynamic signature verification and multi-biometric systems
• Privacy concerns
• Risk analysis of biometric based systems
• Biometrics, PKI and smart-card integration
• Biometric standards
• Case study led discussion of biometric applications
• Achieving compliance (HIPAA, SOX, etc.) using biometrics
• Hands-on activities with commercially-off-the-shelf products

This 3 day boot camp will also prepare you for all major Biometric certifications including Certified Biometric Security Professional, Certified Biometric Security Technician and a swell as Certified Biometric Security Engineer. 100% Exam Pass Guarantee or we pay for your 2nd attempt!

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Special Boot Camp Price (inclusive of all Authorized Course-ware, exam prep tools, Instructor-led Training, Bio Lab Kits):
Group Discount:
2-4 candidates => $2195/candidate
5-10 candidates => $1995/candidate
11 or more candidates => call 630-863-4216

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