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Top new features coming to smartphones: Gartner


Gartner has released its “Top 10 Smartphone Technologies and Capabilities in 2016 and 2017” report which identifies smartphone technologies and capabilities whose developments and transformations cannot be ignored by any mobile device vendor.

The research firm’s top 10 technologies and capabilities for 2016 and 2017 are: fast charging; wireless charging; augmented and virtual reality; multiple-lens camera solutions; biometric authentication and technologies; virtual personal assistants (VPAs); flexible/curved displays; wi-fi 802.11 standards, and; USB type-C and embedded SIM (e-SIM).

According to a statement by the company, they were selected looking at five main potential areas of impact: the battery; an immersive experience; a personalized experience; display technology, and; connectivity. These are areas that can address key smartphone user pain points, expand to new capabilities, unlock new business models or create more compelling experiences.

Biometric authentication made the top 10 because sophisticated smartphones expose users to richer and new experiences with their phones such as mobile payments and increasingly allow users to store more detailed personal data on their phones. This highlights the need for improved protection and verified access to a phone.

Beyond the fingerprint, new methods of biometric authentication will be developed and biometric authentication will force vendors to work more closely not only with biometrics technology providers, but also with biometric software developers to achieve frictionless and usable solutions that can win over users in their daily use of smartphones.

Biometric technologies are already showing benefits in enterprise pilots and deployments focused on providing enhanced identification of individuals. Device vendors will extend the use of biometrics measurements to explore other areas beyond authentication, like emotion and mood detection, for example.

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