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iQIYI launches multimodal biometric celebrity recognition competition

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Chinese online entertainment service iQIYI is accepting applications for AI programming competition “Celebrity Video Identification Challenge.” Hundreds of teams from China’s leading scientific research institutions and some of the world’s top universities will compete to make breakthroughs in video-based multimodal biometric recognition, according to the announcement.

The Chinese Conference on Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision (PRCV 2018) and iQIYI have partnered to hold the competition, in which teams will be provided with 50,000 video segments totalling more than 1,000 hours featuring 5,000 celebrities to use as a data set for developing biometric recognition algorithms. Contestants will have the opportunity to interact with and compete against leaders in the field of AI, according to the announcement, as they attempt to identify celebrities based on their face, voice, movement, and clothing in the video footage, with the goal of furthering the capabilities of recognition algorithms for practical use with video footage.

“The combination of iQIYI’s massive digital video resources and leading AI technology means we are well positioned to take the field of video-based biometric recognition to the next level,” said iQIYI Chief Technology Officer Liu Wenfeng. “Through this competition we look forward to further enhancing the application of AI technology in the video industry, improving AI algorithms in partnership with leading programmers in the field and promoting the development of video-based biometric recognition technology in China and abroad.”

iQIYI Launches AI Competition to Promote Development of Video-based Biometric Identification Technology
iQIYI Launches AI Competition

Datasets from the huge collection of material, which the company calls iQIYI-VID, will be released for training and validation in batches, and the test dataset is scheduled to be released on September 17. The competition closes on October 15, and competition winners will be announced November 1. Prizes are 200,000 RMB (roughly US$31,000) for first place, 100,000 RMB ($15,500) for second, and 50,000 RMB ($7,750) for third.

Competitors can register with iQIYI online.

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