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Biometrics Institute organizes consultative workshops for Good Practice Framework

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Biometrics Institute organizes consultative workshops for Good Practice Framework

Biometrics Institute‘s Good Practice Framework has been in development for the past year, as the organization has been focusing on releasing best practices for strategic planning, procurement and working with a biometric system or network.

The team behind the project referred to various documents released in the past years, including the United Nations compendium for good practices in counter-terrorism and the Understanding Biometrics guide, and drew information from real life scenarios in compiling the framework, according to the announcement.

The first draft was recently submitted for review to Biometrics Institute members and stakeholders at events in London, Australia and New Zealand. The proposal was reviewed UN agencies, law enforcement and border experts, industry experts, biometrics leaders in government and civil liberties, and human rights organizations, whose feedback was included in the second draft.

After collecting and implementing feedback, Biometrics Institute says the new and improved document and benchmark is applicable for any biometric-related project, regardless of geography. The overview is intended to be helpful even if it is consulted by someone with limited knowledge of biometrics, and also to assist with gap analysis to pinpoint if something was overlooked. The framework can be used to conduct comparative analysis of biometric systems and determine similarities, differences and how these could influence public acceptance. It is meant to be a guide in developing ethical and responsible strategies.

Members of the biometric community, regulators and privacy advocates are invited to join a second round of feedback before the guide is released this year. Participants at the consultative workshops will be divided into groups and will each have three scenarios to analyze, based on a single section in the framework. Each group will then present its findings on issues such as data acquisition, human rights, sharing data between organizations or across borders, bias and questions about false acceptance and false rejection.

The consultative workshops will be focused on law enforcement, hosted by Microsoft in Washington DC on March 23, 2020, border management in Brussels on April 27, 2020, and digital identity in Sydney on May 26, 2020.

Biometrics Institute encourages members to join the consultative workshops because it will help gain better insights into the framework and they will also be able to directly contribute to its improvement. Together they plan on evaluating the current framework, finding gaps and making plans to shape the future of biometrics.

Participation is open to biometrics users, government employees, decision-makers, suppliers and those at privacy and policy level. The workshops are free for Biometrics Institute members. Those interested in attending can email carolyn@biometricsinstitute.org.

The Biometrics Institute has been a strong advocate for the ethical and responsible use of biometrics for 18 years, and is now trying to deliver a framework to help biometric application developers navigate the lack of overall legal guidance and legislation.

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