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BrainChip announces year-end achievements and product updates

BrainChip announces year-end achievements and product updates

BrainChip Holdings discusses its top 2019 achievements and updates in its recent year-end update. Top accomplishments include release of Akida intellectual property for licensing to ASIC suppliers, the development of a neural network converter for CNN to event-based CNN and native SNN translation, and an agreement with Socionext, formerly known as the Fujitsu Semiconductor business, for Akida development and manufacturing.

In November 2019, BrainChip was granted a U.S. patent for its dynamic neural networks which are a valuable feature of its Akida AI processing chip used to power biometric and AI applications on devices at the network edge. Unlike other solutions, Akida does not need a host processor, external memory and a math accelerator device. It will be available in a Flip-Chip Ball Grid Array (FCBGA324) that is 15mm x 15mm.

In 2019, the Akida logic and layout designs have been finalized. In January 2020, Design-for-Test (DFT) will also be finalized and wafer fabrication will start at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). During this process, BrainChip will finalize test programs and hardware.

The Akida IP was available for sale as a license in mid-2019, targeting applications in vision and acoustic systems with a direct OEM sales presence. Suppliers include Bosch, Valeo, Continental, Sony, On Semi and Omnivision. BrainChip is working on establishing an IP ecosystem. It is already working in Europe with T2M, and in discussion with partners in Japan, China and Israel. As a high number of AI Edge applications originate in China, BrainChip applied for an export license for the sale of IP into China.

The third quarter in 2019 was completed with US$9.5M in cash, the company reports.

BrainChip entered a convertible securities agreement with CST Capital in June to raise US$2.85 million, after which it announced an entitlement offering which raised A$10.7 million (US$7.44 million).

In March, the company found itself in a legal conflict over the implementation of biometric facial recognition system Aegis from SN Technologies by the Lockport school district in New York state. BrainChip provided facial recognition technology for Aegis. Later in April, BrainChip’s artificial intelligence technology was used in Las Vegas casinos for automated tracking of dealer actions.

In October, Brain Chip released “The Linley Group Microprocessor Report Highlights BrainChip’s Akida™ Spiking Neural Network Processor,” which discusses Akida applications.

In December, BrainChip partnered with TaTa Consultancy Services to showcase at the Neural Information Processing Systems conference in Vancouver its gesture recognition technology using DVS spiking input on the Akida Neuromorphic Technology Platform.

Future goals for 2020 include Akida Intellectual Property licensing, opening two Innovation Centers in 2020 – one in Western Australia and one in Shanghai.

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