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Imageware, Alcatraz AI biometrics confirmed to security standards

Level 2 ISO Anti-Spoofing Compliance and ONVIF Certification respectively
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Imageware, Alcatraz AI biometrics confirmed to security standards

Imageware recently announced it has been confirmed for Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) Level 1 and 2 standards compliance for its Biointellic face biometrics system after testing conducted by iBeta Quality Assurance.

The test included a number of advanced spoofing methods, such as silicon masks, curved pictures with cut-out eyes, and mannequins, as well as high-resolution pictures and videos.

Anti-spoofing technology is essential to thwarting fraudsters trying to hack into personal accounts with biometric fakes,” explained AJ Naddell, Imageware senior vice president of Product Management & Sales.

According to Imageware, the biometric system passed iBeta’s test without allowing a single successful spoofing attempt.

“Reaching this milestone of passive anti-spoofing with PAD Level 2 certification will help more customers who are interested in securing their enterprise with biometric authentication and identification,” Naddell said.

As opposed to active anti-spoofing detection, which requires the user to perform certain actions when in front of the biometric system, passive PAD can counter the attacks in an entirely automated manner.

Moving forward, Naddell said Imageware will use the confirmation to cement the firm’s reputation in biometric access applications, as well as in banking and healthcare.

“There is always a balance between security and ease of use for an end-user; we embed passive anti-spoofing as the ‘Friction-Right’ solution, acknowledging that users want solutions that are simultaneously safe and easy,” he concluded.

Alcatraz AI achieves ONVIF Certification

Alcatraz AI has received the ONVIF Certification, an achievement recognizing the biometric access control firm’s compliance with standardized interfaces for effective interoperability of IP-based physical security products.

The certification was awarded to Alcatraz AI’s flagship biometric security platform The Rock, which will now be able to function as an ONVIF camera and is certified with Profile S and Profile T to provide IP-based video streaming.

In other words, thanks to the new certification, Alcatraz will be able to bridge the gap between access control and video management with a single device.

“Developing products based on open standards such as ONVIF is a core design principle at Alcatraz,” explained Blaine Frederick, the company’s vice president of Product.

To achieve the high-security standard, Alcatraz has included ONVIF capabilities in The Rock via the biometric system’s 2MP camera, which was always a part of its sensor array.

Thanks to the implementation, the video stream can be then added to any existing video management systems (VMS), giving security teams a unique door-level perspective of who is accessing an area without requiring an additional piece of hardware.

“Obtaining this certification gives partners and end-users confidence that the Alcatraz Rock will work seamlessly with any existing [VMS] platform,” Frederick concluded.

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