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Trust Stamp biometrics patents approved, liveness detection technique filed

Trust Stamp biometrics patents approved, liveness detection technique filed

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has allowed for the issuance of two new biometrics patents to Trust Stamp, as well as publishing another previously filed by the company.

The first of the two new patents approved was initially filed on 22 April 2020 and allowed for issuance on 17 December 2021. Patents allowed for issuance are typically granted pending the payment of the issuance fee.

It is titled ‘Systems and Methods for Passive-Subject Liveness Verification in Digital Media,’ and describes passive liveness detection technology for both photos and videos.

In other words, using the technology, customers using Trust Stamp solutions will be able to authenticate themselves without requiring their active physical movement.

The USPTO has also allowed the issuance of a second patent on 9 December 2021, titled ‘Systems and Processes for Lossy Biometric Representations.’

The patent was initially filed by Trust Stamp on 6 April 2020 and refers to a novel protection system of biometric data through irreversible tokenization.

The invention “cryptographically obfuscates biometric information […] via a neural network that destroys much of the source data, inserts a key, and transforms the resulting data to create an anonymized representation known as the Irreversibly Transformed Identity Token (IT2).”

According to Trust Stamp CEO Gareth N. Genner: “as a result of our significant investment into research and development, Trust Stamp’s robust privacy-first patent portfolio protects the unique benefits of our product offerings and enables us to deliver unparalleled security, utility, and privacy, at a fraction of the cost of traditional biometric solutions.”

Finally, the USPTO has published the application of a patent submitted by Trust Stamp on 2 December 2021 (filed on 17 August 2021).

The ‘Systems and Methods for Liveness-Verified, Biometric-Based Encryption’ patent aims to strengthen Trust Stamp’s proven biometric capture, tokenization, and comparison technologies with the addition of anti-spoofing techniques, particularly against the use of printed images, recorded video, and feature-altering face masks.

“Our commitment to innovating secure, privacy-first identity and trust verification solutions has driven our global, cross-industry growth as we […] strengthen our competitive advantages when delivering enterprise security and fraud prevention, data protection and privacy, and financial accessibility solutions,” Genner concludes.

Trust Stamp has been working substantially on techniques to reinforce biometric tools’ security. For instance, last December, the company’s CSO, Dr. Norman Poh, presented at an ID4Africa webinar about different options for protecting biometric templates.

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