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MOSIP stakeholders convene to share open-source ID insights, plan further forums

MOSIP stakeholders convene to share open-source ID insights, plan further forums

Content supporting foundational ID system MOSIP should be translated into multiple languages, and promoted with webinars and a new web portal, a leader of the open-source initiative for foundational identity systems said during a recent forum for adopting countries.

The two-day Country Conversations event was held at the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore, and concluded with a visit to the MOSIP Experience Centre, according to a summary of the event on the organization’s website.

MOSIP President Prof. S. Rajagopalan proposed at the conclusion of the event to translate MOSIP content more widely, organize webinars to share stories of MOSIP implementations in the field, and set up a web portal for countries adopting MOSIP to share their experiences.

Five countries implementing MOSIP for national ID systems presented their experiences during the event. A community action plan was discussed involving definition of common standards, biometric benchmarking for the developing world context, and the formation of sub-groups to exchange information.

The MOSIP team discussed the latest version of Long-Term Support (LTS) 1.2.0, Asymmetric Amoeba, its recently-launched Inji mobile authentication feature, single sign-on and G2P service delivery management capabilities.

Bill Gates recently visited MOSIP to discuss the platform’s potential to aid financial inclusion.

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