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Paravision paper, Biometric Vox deal position face and voice for automotive evolution

Paravision paper, Biometric Vox deal position face and voice for automotive evolution

The automotive sector stands to be among the most impacted by the short-term rise of biometrics integrations. A white paper from Paravision, entitled Biometric Authentication and the Next Generation of Connected Vehicles, situates facial recognition as a major transformer of the mobility space, stating that “as vehicles are integrating the connected intelligence previously only associated with smartphones and tablets, biometric authentication is a natural next step, with the potential to revolutionize Human Machine Interfaces in connected vehicles.”

According to the paper, the convergence of consumer acceptance and the technological capability to deliver improved features has created an ideal moment for biometrics to become an integral part of the driving experience. Facial recognition is already familiar to consumers from uses such as air travel and smartphones. And accuracy is now such that it can provide reliable, seamless activation for key functions, such as access, ignition, or in-car payments. Cameras for driver monitoring systems, both inside and outside the cabin, will be standard, but layered software will allow for a wide and evolving array of biometric use cases.

Advances allow for multimodal biometric security

Voice will also play a key role in automotive biometrics. Technology from Spanish firm Biometric Vox, which develops voice identification applications, is being integrated into a new vehicle access system, through a partnership with electronics vendor AED-Vantage and the auto interiors company, Groupo Antolin.

The automotive sector is investing even more than most sectors in digital transformation, says a release from Antolin, which is leading the project. The company states that voice biometrics will play an important role in the fully connected cars being planned for the near future.

Like the facial recognition systems profiled in the Paravision white paper, Biometric Vox’s access system, which installs in the door or any exterior area of the vehicle, can be employed to unlock doors, start the car, or customize driver settings. It will be aggregated with other verification methods, such as fingerprint recognition and PINs, to maximize security and allow for multi-factor authentication.

Group Antolin is also tied up with trinamiX to apply face biometrics for driver authentication.

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