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3 biometric access control partnerships expand market reach, deployment options

Fingerprint Cards and Freevolt, Precise and Flowmark, ZKTeco and Telaeris strengthen ties
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3 biometric access control partnerships expand market reach, deployment options

Fingerprint Cards has implemented biometric cards from Freevolt Technologies for physical access control at its headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The S-Keys supplied by Freevolt are built with Fingerprint Cards’ T2 biometric sensors. Implementing them across the site strengthens its security and allows the company to utilize role-based access control, while being convenient and easy-to-use for employees, according to the company announcement.

Freevolt began building S-Keys with T2 sensors through a partnership formed last October.

“Fingerprints are leaders in biometrics, with sensors in billions of products, so they know what makes a good biometric solution,” says Freevolt Head of Product & Business Development Gonzalo de Gisbert. “We’re therefore thrilled that Fingerprints has chosen S-Key to strengthen security at their global headquarters, in Gothenburg. Our leading radio frequency energy harvesting technology combined with Fingerprints’ ‘T2’ sensors, known as FPC 1323, enables S-Key to be completely battery-less, lasting for many years. Roll-out was seamless, with everyone set-up in less than 1 hour. That’s simple, safe, and secure biometrics, powered by Freevolt.”

The second generation of Fingerprint Cards’ T-shaped T2 sensor was launched in 2020.

Precise and Flowmark reseller partnership reaches new regions

Precise Biometrics has agreed to an expanded reseller agreement with proptech provider Flowscape Technology to bring YOUNiQ Visit to the Nordic, UK and Middle Eastern markets.

The partners originally agreed to a deal covering distribution of YOUNiQ biometric visitor management technology in North America last April. YOUNiQ Visit is also known as EastCoast Visit in Sweden.

Flowscape CEO Peter Reigo refers to a joint customer win in the UK early in the extended partnership as evidence of the competitive advantage provided by the addition of Precise’s biometric software to its portfolio. The customer is a global consulting firm, the partners say.

“The collaboration is fully in line with our commercialization strategy, where partners like Flowscape are crucial to being able to accelerate growth in a cost-effective way,” says Precise Biometrics CEO Joakim Nydemark.

ZKTeco platform integrated by Telaeris

ZKTeco USA’s biometric platform is being integrated with XPressEntry’s biometric scanners for physical access control systems, made by Telaeris.

XPressEntry scanners can now be managed with ZKTeco’s ZKBiosecurity v5000 web-based security platform to provide flexible identity verification and access control checks with handheld and kiosk readers.

The partners suggest customers can use their integrated software for handheld badge verification, emergency evacuation mustering, corporate events and training, workplace surveys, time and attendance and a range of other use cases.

“With XPressEntry handheld, mobile badge, and biometric readers including facial and palm authentication, ZKTeco customers now benefit from enhanced mobile features, elevating convenience and, most importantly, fortifying end-customer security and safety,” says Telaeris CEO Dr. David Carta.

ZKTeco USA President and Founder Manish Dalal says the partnership “provides an end-to-end security solution for any facility.”

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