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Koodoo, Verto among businesses using Resistant AI’s document forensics

ID verification adapting to AI threats with AI-driven solutions
Koodoo, Verto among businesses using Resistant AI’s document forensics

Resistant AI, a Prague-headquartered firm that offers AI-powered KYC monitoring and identity forensics, has scored a couple of new contracts in the document verification space. A webinar will look at the case of OnlyFake. And eMudhra is upgrading its eSignature tools with selfie biometrics.

Resistant AI brings document checking capability to Koodoo

Resistant AI is providing document forensics for AI-based mortgage tech firm Koodoo. A press release says the partnership offers Koodoo’s customers a single product for checking documents against requirements and detecting signs of fraud.

Recent research by Resistant AI analyzing over 25 million digital documents found 8 percent of pay stubs, 10 percent of bank statements, and 7 percent of utility bills showing signs of manipulation. The firm says its tool has the ability to identify subtle irregularities such as unexpected variations in document metadata that suggest tampering. By continuously learning from new data, its algorithm is able to better recognize the increasingly vast variety of scam and document fraud techniques. This streamlines onboarding and provides advanced security and compliance.

“We are thrilled to be working with Koodoo to strengthen the protection of their customers against document fraud,” says Martin Rehak, CEO of Resistant AI. “In today’s world, the threat of fraud is rapidly increasing and at Resistant we work very hard to make sure that our solution provides a ‘defense-in-depth’ strategy. This approach involves multiple, interlocking layers of detectors that are incredibly difficult to evade even for a knowledgeable attacker.”

Andrei Lebed, CEO of Koodoo, says the partnership aims to set new standards for efficient and accurate document checking in financial services.

Verto using Resistant AI’s authentication product

Resistant AI has also announced that Verto, a cross-border payment platform for emerging economies, is deploying its document forensics services. A release says the firm’s constant exploration of new territories means it must be able to process PDFs, images and scans which originate from multiple countries with unique legal frameworks and documentation standards.

Resistant AI promises document verification efficiency gains that will enable Verto to rapidly expand its global footprint without compromising on risk. Verto says the tool has already reduced application review time by 50 percent.

The relationship has also prompted Verto to draft a comprehensive compliance policy tailored to diverse documents, and to deploy adaptive decisioning, which aligns the system’s outcomes with the customer’s risk appetite.

Webinar dissects OnlyFake saga

Resistant AI will delve deeper into its document verification capabilities in an upcoming webinar devoted to a specific threat. Per a posting on Resistant AI’s blog, OnlyFake, which allows anyone “to quickly and easily generate very convincing ID documents of their choosing,” initially caused some panic among businesses needing to verify customer IDs. However, it has been discovered that OnlyFake may or may not be using AI, and that much of what underpins the fake ID tool may simply be an advanced automated Photoshop approach.

Still, says Joe Lemonnier, the blog’s author, “OnlyFake did two things which are markedly different from what other fraud-as-a-service providers on the market had been doing and really upped the ante in the escalation of automated fraud versus automated detections.” Lemonnier names these as the batch creation of documents, and the embedded generation of portraits and signatures. The first can leverage generative AI tools to randomly fill in the fields of a document with unique addresses instantly. The second enables criminals to mine data leaks for personal data that can be used to create convincing synthetic identities at scale.

Upgrade for eMudhra’s eSignature platform, emSigner

A press release from eMudhra says the latest iteration of its emSigner is equipped with enhanced verification features, including signatory validation, selfie capture for signer identity verification enabling real-time confirmation of identity, and upgraded liveness checks.

Kaushik Srinivasan, co-founder of eMudhra, says that “with advanced collaborative tools, adaptive workflows, and comprehensive security features, emSigner is setting new benchmarks in the eSignature adoption in the digital banking arena.”

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