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Articles By Abhishek Jadhav

Abhishek is a Master's graduate in Electrical Engineering and a freelance technology and science writer with bylines at EdgeIR, Wevolver, Electromaker, Embedded Computing Design, Electronics-Lab, Hackster, and Electronics-Lab. Read more.


Au10tix expands digital ID solution with automated and secure verification process

As every industry transitions to digital identity, Au10tix has added new features to its digital identity verification and management platform….


Apple patents for a secure transition of enrolling biometric templates with every software update

Apple has potentially addressed security concerns when it comes to safeguarding sensitive biometric data, such as facial images or fingerprints,…


Signicat adds digital signature expertise with SmartWorks acquisition

In a strategic move to strengthen its digital identity solutions, Signicat has acquired Iceland-based digital signatures provider SmartWorks. By combining…


Kuwait to share biometrics with Interpol, Gulf countries for regional security network

The Kuwait Interior Ministry says that all citizens and expatriates must register their biometric fingerprints before the June 1 deadline….


Worldcoin makes core components of iris biometric imaging software open source

Worldcoin has taken a step towards transparency by open-sourcing the software component of its Orb biometric device. This move allows…


Telecoms and governments embrace biometrics for SIM registration, verification

Mobile network provider stc Bahrain has introduced face biometrics to enable instant SIM activation with secure user authentication. The technology…


Indian biometric counterterrorism database passes 1B entries

The National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID) is a counterterrorism and counter-radicalization division operating under the Government of India. As part of…


Bitel launches smart city project in Peru

Bitel, a major telecom in Peru, has invested $70,000 in a smart city project involving facial recognition in Trujillo, specifically…


Smart Engines claims new facial recognition system uses no biometric information

Facial recognition algorithms traditionally depend on biometric data to make matches. However, with the implementation of the Artificial Intelligence Act…


Scientists use biometrics, behavior analysis for drunk driver detection

Scientists at the University of Michigan have introduced a cost-effective hardware approach that leverages current technologies, incorporating cameras equipped with…

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