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German face recognition company BioID offers biometrics as a service with ISO/IEC 30107 compliant liveness detection. The patented presentation attack detection enables KYC identity verification for customers worldwide. BioID leverages more than 20 years of experience in biometrics.

Biometrics Made In Germany – Trusted Worldwide

BioID’s patented presentation attack detection enables KYC identity verification for customers worldwide. Originally a Fraunhofer IIS spin-off in 1998, BioID now leverages more than 20 years of experience in biometrics. BioID’s software-based authentication and anti-spoofing technology enable a seamless user experience, requiring two selfies only. Any standard 2D camera can be used to determine the legitimate user’s presence in real time. BioID’s authentication service is GDPR compliant and ensures privacy by design. Privately held with R&D based in Germany, BioID has offices in Switzerland and the US. Its technology has been proven through many years of use at enterprises, banks and government organizations.

Liveness Detection – Trusted with Compliance

BioID is the industry pioneer in the development of facial liveness detection since early 2000. BioID’s Liveness Detection is compliant with ISO/IEC 30107 as confirmed by two independent FIDO accredited biometric laboratories:

• Liveness Detection was successfully tested by TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH (TÜViT) in Germany against criteria based on FIDO Biometric Certification Requirements v1.1 and ISO/IEC 30107-3:2017. The applied criteria are considered by TÜViT to be stricter than FIDO1.1 and ISO/IEC 30107-3.

• A FIDO biometric component certification was achieved through a BioID’s partner solution in France. The certified KYC identity verification product relies on BioID Liveness Detection for fraud prevention. During the FIDO certification process in 2020, BioID PAD performance was successfully tested by the accredited laboratories ELITT/Leti according to the standards ISO 19795 and ISO/IEC 30107.

The BioID Web Service – First in Biometrics as a Service

BioID offers their authentication service via APIs including the following:

• Liveness Detection – “Are you really there?”: Patented anti-spoofing fake detection against photo and video replays for preventing identity fraud, e. g. for legally binding actions or financial transactions

• PhotoVerify – “Are you the one on the ID?”: Automated verification of ID ownership through high-quality comparison of ID and person, e. g. for identity proofing when opening a bank account

• Enroll – “How can I recognize you?” Registration and training of face & periocular traits for the following authentication processes

• Verify – “Are you who you say you are?”: One-to-one matching for biometric authentication for online login, work-at-home access, transaction authorization, etc., including our biometric service liveness detection.

For testing and integrating the BioID Web Service please go to the BioID Playground and the BioID Developer Documentation. Contact us to request a free trial instance!

BioID Biometrics News


Rumors of liveness detection’s defeat have been greatly exaggerated

Photo and video face filters are perhaps the most mainstream use case for augmented reality –  and an illustrative test…

Mar 7, 2024

BioID launches new version of deepfake detection software

BioID has released a new version of its deepfake detection software to secure biometric authentication and digital identity verification against…

Aug 1, 2023

BioID liveness detection to be used in Bavarian social robot study

BioID‘s biometric liveness detection technology will be used to enhance the social capabilities of “humanoid” social robots for a study…

Mar 29, 2023

BioID pitching deepfake and liveness detection to Portuguese market

BioID is currently visiting Portugal as part of a business introduction trip for Germany-based providers of civil security technologies, where…

Feb 17, 2023

BioID shares PAD research amid increase in digital injection attacks found by iProov

German biometric solutions provider BioID GmbH has shared new information about its presentation attack detection (PAD) solution that checks the…

May 23, 2022

Sensity alleges biometric onboarding providers downplaying deepfake threat

Deepfake videos have received breathless attention in popular for their potential as fraud instruments, from spreading misinformation to carrying out…

Apr 6, 2022

Detecting face biometric liveness misconceptions

Liveness detection is making rapid advances in business awareness and adoption to bring security to biometric identity verification, as well…

Feb 25, 2022

BioID shares encouraging research on deepfakes and biometric liveness detection with EAB

Deepfake images and videos pose a significant threat to biometric systems used for remote identity verification, and existing liveness technologies…

Nov 30, 2021

German anti-deepfake effort takes on another fighter

Germany’s federal government is expanding resources for a multi-year deepfake detection project that it is funding. Executives with BioID, a…

May 26, 2021

Shufti Pro, OneSpan, BioID biometrics selected for remote authentication

Several biometric services providers have announced new partnerships this week. Shufti Pro has partnered with development company Rockers Technology to…

Apr 27, 2021

Remote biometric onboarding, KYC growth appears sustainable as customers, FIs see benefit

Online account opening for financial services has taken off during the pandemic, and BioID, Smart Engines and Sumsub have all…

Feb 1, 2021

BioID biometric PAD detection ISO standard compliance confirmed for Level A and B attacks

BioID’s biometric liveness detection technology has been confirmed for compliance to the ISO/IEC 30107-3 standard for Level A and B…

Dec 9, 2020

Linux Foundation launches Janssen project to rebuild online trust with cloud IAM platform

The Janssen Project has been launched by the Linux Foundation to develop a cloud native identity and access management software…

Nov 25, 2020

BioID details Ariadnext partnership and biometric liveness technology

The IDCheck.io biometric identity verification solution from Ariadnext is powered by liveness detection from BioID, according to a partnership announcement…

Nov 18, 2020

Ariadnext face biometric authentication solution receives FIDO certification

Digital identity solutions provider Ariadnext announced on Tuesday it has been awarded a certification by the FIDO Alliance program for its…

Sep 28, 2020

FacePhi, Acuant, BioID identity document and selfie biometric checks reach new financial services customers

The use of biometric selfies to authenticate users against identity documents continues to grow across regulated industries. The technology has…

Aug 4, 2020

Face biometrics integrated for onboarding in NA by Ipsidy and Intellicheck, ZA by BioID and Comcorp

Intellicheck and Ipsidy have formed a partnership to bring what the companies call an enhanced suite of solutions for comprehensive real-time…

Jul 12, 2020

Biometric registration programs announced, commenced, disrupted and debated across Africa

Nationwide biometric voter registration is underway in Ghana where the head of the electoral commission shares the rate of voters…

Jun 17, 2020

BioID liveness detection added to Digidentity biometrics, identity proofing for Gov.uk Verify

BioID has partnered with Solera Holdings’ subsidiary Digidentity to provide biometric anti-spoofing liveness detection and automated identity proofing for the…

Apr 14, 2020

Nuki integrates door lock with BioID’s biometric facial recognition, liveness detection

Nuki has demonstrated support by its smart electronic door lock for biometric facial recognition with liveness detection through integration with…

Brand Focus: BioID


Detecting face biometric liveness misconceptions

Liveness detection is making rapid advances in business awareness and adoption to bring security to biometric identity verification, as well…

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