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German face recognition company BioID offers anonymous biometrics as a service. The multimodal (face, eyes, voice) authentication is secured with industry-leading, patented liveness detection. Automated identity proofing is enabled with PhotoVerify. BioID has 20 years of experience in biometrics.

BioID Biometrics News


BioID details Ariadnext partnership and biometric liveness technology

The biometric identity verification solution from Ariadnext is powered by liveness detection from BioID, according to a partnership announcement…

Nov 18, 2020

Ariadnext face biometric authentication solution receives FIDO certification

Digital identity solutions provider Ariadnext announced on Tuesday it has been awarded a certification by the FIDO Alliance program for its…

Sep 28, 2020

FacePhi, Acuant, BioID identity document and selfie biometric checks reach new financial services customers

The use of biometric selfies to authenticate users against identity documents continues to grow across regulated industries. The technology has…

Aug 4, 2020

Face biometrics integrated for onboarding in NA by Ipsidy and Intellicheck, ZA by BioID and Comcorp

Intellicheck and Ipsidy have formed a partnership to bring what the companies call an enhanced suite of solutions for comprehensive real-time…

Jul 12, 2020

Biometric registration programs announced, commenced, disrupted and debated across Africa

Nationwide biometric voter registration is underway in Ghana where the head of the electoral commission shares the rate of voters…

Jun 17, 2020

BioID liveness detection added to Digidentity biometrics, identity proofing for Verify

BioID has partnered with Solera Holdings’ subsidiary Digidentity to provide biometric anti-spoofing liveness detection and automated identity proofing for the…

Apr 14, 2020

Nuki integrates door lock with BioID’s biometric facial recognition, liveness detection

Nuki has demonstrated support by its smart electronic door lock for biometric facial recognition with liveness detection through integration with…

Jun 18, 2019

BioID biometrics used for remote identity proofing for SIM card activation

BioID today announced the integration of its biometric facial recognition technology into POS AG’s remote identity proofing solution for prepaid…

May 23, 2019

BioID facial biometrics integrated into TESIS SYSware enterprise access control system

BioID’s cloud biometric BioID Web Service (BWS) has been integrated by German self-service password management SaaS provider TESIS SYSware to…

Nov 22, 2018

Pikcio partners with BioID for age verification as a service solution

German cloud biometrics developer BioID and blockchain-based data exchange company Pikcio have announced a joint project that will have BioID’s…

Aug 1, 2018

BioID partners with Keyp to secure digital identities

BioID announced its cooperation with Keyp to integrate BioID’s biometric authentication into the Keyp identity ecosystem. Keyp is Munich-based startup…

Jan 30, 2018

BioID introduces new liveness detection feature

BioID has introduced a new liveness detection feature for its biometrics-as-a-service solution, BioID Web Service (BWS), that will detect photo,…

Nov 30, 2017

BioID releases PhotoVerify API for automated identity proofing

BioID has released a PhotoVerify API as part of the BioID Web Service (BWS) which enables online providers to verify…

Nov 9, 2017

BioID ramps up data privacy and protection commitment

BioID has partnered with Microsoft Cloud Germany and Deutsche Telekom to host its highly in demand BioID Web Service (BWS)…

Oct 10, 2017

BioID’s face recognition integrated in any2any’s mobile cloud platform

BioID and any2any have partnered to deliver convenient on-boarding and check-in processes for use cases such as physical and virtual access,…

Feb 23, 2017

BioID introduces eye recognition solution in public beta release

Cloud biometrics developer BioID introduced its new biometric eye (periocular) recognition solution in a public beta release. In addition to…

Feb 22, 2017

BioID releases source code for its Android and iOS facial recognition app

Cloud biometrics developer BioID has released the Android version of its face recognition authenticator and announced the availability of the…

Feb 13, 2017

Worldcore selects BioID’s facial recognition technology for user authentication

Worldcore has selected BioID’s facial recognition technology for user authentication, giving clients of the global payment platform a choice of…

Nov 11, 2016

BioID combines face recognition app with A-Trust mobile ID solution

Face recognition software developer BioID is partnering with qualified trust service provider A-Trust in light of the newly implemented EU…

Dec 11, 2015

BioID releases facial recognition login app for iOS

BioID Gmbh announced it has released the BioID facial recognition app for iOS products, which enables developers and companies to…

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