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Clearview AI provides biometric facial recognition software used by private companies, law enforcement agencies, universities and individuals.

Clearview AI Biometrics News


Clearview AI to provide tools for responsible facial recognition use by law enforcement

Clearview AI is planning to introduce new compliance features for its biometric application to help law enforcement customers enforce usage…

Oct 9, 2020

Clearview AI seeks dismissal of biometric data privacy suit, says changes ensure compliance

Voluntary changes to company policy make biometric data privacy violation allegations against Clearview AI moot, according to one of several arguments…

Oct 7, 2020

Hitachi ID, Idex Biometrics, Daon and Clearview AI announce leadership, board appointments

Several digital identity and biometric technology providers have made additions to leadership teams across the globe. Hitachi ID has announced…

Sep 25, 2020

Law enforcement face biometrics provider Clearview AI raises $8.6M

Clearview AI has raised just over $8.6 million in funding from undisclosed investors, though the associated paperwork has revealed the identity…

Sep 14, 2020

Clearview AI loses bid to dismiss biometric privacy suit brought by Vermont AG

A biometric data privacy lawsuit brought by Vermont Attorney General TJ Donovan against Clearview AI will move forward after a Vermont…

Sep 11, 2020

Clearview AI seeks biometric privacy claim consolidation, new BIPA cases brought and defenses considered

Clearview AI is asking to have 11 biometric privacy class action suits combined with each other, and another suit by the…

Aug 27, 2020

Central position in biometrics and privacy debate “an honor,” Clearview AI CEO says

In a one-hour-long video interview with This Week in Startups, Clearview AI CEO Hoan Ton-That discusses the misconceptions around biometric…

Aug 24, 2020

Hamburg data protection commissioner demands answers on biometric dataset from Clearview AI

An administrative order on information regarding the biometric processing of personal data has been issued against Clearview AI and its…

Aug 18, 2020

U.S. district court gets Clearview AI’s attention; biometrics firm decries latest legal setback

The fight over biometric face-scraping and -selling is building like a professional wrestling story line, and, at least to some,…

Aug 18, 2020

Veridium, Patriot One, LumenVox and Clearview AI announce hires to grow biometrics and CV market share

Several biometrics companies and a video analysis firm have announced new hires as they look to build their technology portfolios…

Aug 17, 2020

Clearview AI wins biometrics contract with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement amidst ongoing controversy

An investigation by industry watchdog Tech Inquiry has revealed that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency paid $224,000 to…

Aug 13, 2020

Judge rejects Clearview AI’s motion to move or dismiss biometric privacy suits, consolidates complaints

Bids by Clearview AI to dismiss or relocate a biometric privacy suit from federal court have been rejected, with U.S. District…

Aug 7, 2020

Macy’s sued for allegedly violating biometric privacy with Clearview AI use

Macy’s use of Clearview AI’s face biometrics violated Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), according to a proposed class action…

Jul 15, 2020

Facial biometrics training dataset leads to BIPA lawsuits against Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft

Despite being conceived of as a way to make biometric facial recognition more equitable, IBM’s Diversity in Faces is continuing…

Jul 13, 2020

Clearview AI facial recognition fallout continues in Canada and Australia, online privacy aid developed

Canadians can now opt out of inclusion in the biometric database operated by Clearview AI by providing the company with a…

Jul 9, 2020

Video surveillance to drive biometric facial recognition market to $12.9B by 2027

By 2027, the high demand in advanced video surveillance, as well as AI and machine learning adoption will have generated…

Jul 7, 2020

Clearview AI stops providing biometrics service in Canada, privacy investigation still open

Clearview AI’s biometric facial recognition technology will no longer be available in Canada, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of…

Jun 22, 2020

Face biometrics force a deeper recognition Down Under

A white paper from Australia’s Monash University about the increasing use of biometric facial recognition cuts directly to an anti-privacy…

Jun 11, 2020

Clearview AI agrees to delete facial images from biometric service, Canada excluded

Biometric facial recognition company Clearview AI has allegedly agreed to delete some of its data through an opt-out system, but…

Jun 11, 2020

EU regulators warns facial recognition in law enforcement, commercial settings may be illegal

The European Data Protection Board is worried about the legality of the use of biometric services such as Clearview AI…

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