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Clearview AI

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Clearview AI provides the world’s largest facial recognition search engine to support law enforcement, government agencies and the military in their shared mission to keep communities and nations safe. Our revolutionary intelligence platform, powered by facial recognition, helps accurately and rapidly identify suspects, investigate crimes, enhance public safety, and provide justice to victims. Government agencies utilize Clearview AI’s collection of 40+ billion public images to generate leads.

Clearview AI Biometrics News


Regulatory dust settles around Clearview, leaving one big facial recognition market

Regulatory changes and court decisions around the world leave Clearview AI with a limited, but vast target market for its…

Jan 24, 2024

Small and big US communities seek biometrics, capabilities for cops

Is police use of AI surveillance in the United States an irreversible trend? It’s hard to say because only a…

Jan 23, 2024

Latest false arrest involving facial recognition in US sure to fuel backlash

Another arrest in the United States that relied on facial recognition has resulted in a horror story of misidentification and…

Dec 15, 2023

State govt funds research on police facial recognition use, county contracts Clearview

The University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) is setting up a research project and classes to analyze data about how…

Dec 6, 2023

California watchdog has strong words for Clearview, but CEO says they’re mistaken

A consumer watchdog is barking loudly at Clearview AI and its facial recognition system, with a new letter to California’s…

Dec 4, 2023

Clearview AI reaches preliminary deal to settle biometric data privacy lawsuit

Clearview AI has reached an agreement in principle to settle allegations that the facial recognition developer violated Illinois’ Biometric Information…

Nov 24, 2023

Clearview AI tops 40 billion reference images in facial recognition database

Clearview AI’s reference database for facial recognition searches has surpassed 40 billion images, double its volume of just 20 months…

Nov 21, 2023

Biometrics match the innocent, US Congress asks questions

A U.S. senator is asking questions about how Clearview AI operates its facial recognition subscription service. Ed Markey, a Democrat…

Nov 20, 2023

UK ICO seeks to appeal data privacy decision on Clearview AI

The Information Commissioner’s office (ICO) has issued a statement outlining its concerns with the findings of the First Tier Tribunal…

Nov 2, 2023

AI Insight Forum draws flak with Clearview invitation

Chuck Schumer is talking to people about AI, and he’s invited the hot-potato facial recognition firm Clearview AI into the…

Oct 19, 2023

Facial recognition gains for shoplifting investigations jeopardized by policy gaps

Facial recognition is being used to identify shoplifters in London and in Evansville, Indiana, but also generating controversy. Metropolitan Police…

Oct 18, 2023

Narrow UK biometric data privacy win for Clearview

A United Kingdom tribunal has agreed with online face photo-scraper Clearview AI that a regulator was off the leash in…

Sep 11, 2023

Clearview AI shares more details on its AR facial recognition glasses in new book

Clearview AI will integrate its facial recognition technology into a US$999 pair of augmented reality glasses, made by U.S. company…

Sep 8, 2023

Some big names sweated a hot summer with biometric privacy court cases

It’s a brand-name roundup of biometric information privacy lawsuits today, with Clearview AI, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon battling in court…

Sep 7, 2023

Australian police want to improve online child abuse investigations; cue Clearview fears

A media furor has broken out in Australia over the potential use of Clearview AI’s facial recognition by law enforcement…

Aug 23, 2023

Settlement of BIPA suit against Clearview AI could be days away

A settlement in a U.S. biometric data privacy case involving Clearview AI and other business defendants could be finalized inside…

Aug 10, 2023

Lawsuit claims Clearview AI fired employees for being too old

Two former employees of Clearview AI are suing the facial recognition company for age-based discrimination. The plaintiffs, Mark Crowl and…

Aug 8, 2023

US Homeland Security is using Clearview AI to crack pedophile cold cases

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been using Clearview AI’s facial recognition tool to try and solve thousands…

Jun 28, 2023

How Clearview developed its method for fast search on an above-billion scale database

Databases used in facial recognition are growing to previously-unseen scale, which for Clearview AI created a need to develop a…

Jun 27, 2023

Australia finds that its privacy laws apply to Clearview

In a decision that might have been overlooked by many (other than Clearview AI), Australian regulators have found that the…

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