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Biometric Update regularly writes news about web3. The following set of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news related to web3. Additional tags may be explored by reviewing our comprehensive Biometrics Topics list.


Authentication is the cloud marring metaverse’s future. Who’s addressing it?

Business consultants can be quick to point out that “metaverse” cannot be spelled without the letters t, e, a and…


IriTech and partners unveil decentralized wallet with iris biometrics

A trio of companies have completed a proof of concept (POC) for a decentralized ID (DID) smartphone wallet secured with…


Fraud prevention platform Self launches in beta for biometric authentication in Web3

The Web3 fraud prevention platform Self has officially announced a beta launch to enable individuals to create decentralized and biometric…


The finer points of securing a digital ID in the metaverse getting attention

Conversations about the metaverse (and Web3) that do not feature hyperventilated predictions tend to end the same way – with…


SSO 3.0: Replace the keys to your kingdom with locks on every door

By Mike Vesey, Founder and CEO of IdRamp Single sign on (SSO) has become a standard practice for improving usability…


Digital ID enabling anonymity launched by Liquid Avatar for Web3

Liquid Avatar is launching its Proof of Humanity digital ID credentials to enable metaverse users to establish a digital footprint…


People are working on metaverse digital identity security and none too soon

The earliest days of the commercial internet, the huge majority of talk was marketing hype, not data security and privacy….


Liquid Avatar brings biometric verification to metaverse with Aftermath Islands credential

Liquid Avatar Technologies will deploy its biometric technology to enable the identity verification of users in the metaverse platform Aftermath…


Three Web3 and decentralized digital ID funding rounds bring in over $84M

Excitement for decentralized digital ID solutions for Web3 continues to attract new funding. The latest announcements include .bit raising $13…


Idex supplies sensors for biometric payment cards coming to Turkey, Web3

A partnership between Idex Biometrics and G+D joint venture E-Kart has reached its next stage with the launch of a…

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