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CMITech demonstrates new iris recognition system at UMANICK offices


Iris recognition technology firm CMITech COO Philip Tusa recently visited the Valencia, Spain offices of UMANICK’s — the principal integrator of CMITech products in Europe — to demonstrate its new EF-45 iris recognition system that the company is about to bring to market.

The move comes a few months after CMITech previewed EF-45 at the connect:ID exhibition in Washington DC in March.

CMITech’s new EF-45 model is designed particularly for access control and time and attendance applications, as well as for all other applications where security and ease of use for the user is a priority.

The device the company is about to launch on the market continues the line of other products of the manufacturer, in which the most advanced technologies are used to capture iris images with the best ISO quality for maximum precision authentication.

In the words of Phil Tusa, this new model “introduces a new revolutionary approach in its user interface to achieve an iris capture rate of more than 99.5%.”

“We are replacing the mirror and the LED positioning feedback system with a highly innovative face display method,” Tusa said during his visit. “Users see their own face in the system’s 5.0 inches display and follow very simple instructions, which are to centre their head within the positioning guides, and then to size their face to the same guides. The concept is like a Smartphone ‘selfie’. This method makes the capturing process much more intuitive for all users, and therefore the failure-to-capture rates are greatly reduced.”

Tusa also highlighted several other key features during his demonstration, including its significantly improved depth of 10 cm (3.94 inches), and a stand-off range of 35 to 45 cm (13.78 to 17.72 inches); the kiosk version that sits on the flat front surface of any kiosk; the device’s fully autonomous operation mode which safely stores the biometric patterns of users and quickly allows comparisons 1:N; and the ability for system integrators to modify and adapt the screens that are presented to the user based on the needs of each application.

Set for delivery beginning in the third quarter of 2016, the EF-45 will be offered initially in two configurations: one for ID management applications and one for physical access control.

The latter version will include a full set of wired connections, such as RS232 and RS485, will support the Wiegand communication protocol, and will have an option for a multi-class ID card reader.

CMITech iris recognition systems are used specifically in the secure patient identification solution UMANICK Identity for Health, which has recently been successfully implemented in one of the main public hospitals in Murcia, the Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital.

The two companies are currently developing a joint protocol to “provide CMITech data and images of cases of iris identification problems of patients in the hospitals where UMANICK’s solution is being implemented, which CMITech technicians can use to debug their algorithms and to refine the features of their product,” said Ilko Garcia, CTO of UMANICK.

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