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U.S. SOCOM seeking long-distance facial recognition among next-generation technologies


U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is soliciting ideas from industry, academic, and government researchers for innovative intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance technologies for use by special operations forces, the Navy Times reports.

Selected participants will be invited to Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Indiana in March to share their ideas.

A recent posting to the Federal Business Opportunities website shows SOCOMs interest in long range facial recognition technology, in both portable and hand-held form factors. The devices should be able to match individuals against a watch list, edit the list, and be durable enough to operate in challenging conditions and environments. SOCOM intends for the devices to be used offline, and then update records when a network connection is available. It is seeking a handheld device with a range of 350 meters, and a “man-portable” device with a range of between 650 and 1000 meters.

SOCOM is also seeking facial recognition software, as well as chemical forensic and non-GPS navigation technologies.

As previously reported, a new biometric system supplied by Aware was recently deployed by the Marine Corps System Command, leading to a major increase in biometric collections and 11 watch list hits in its first month of use.

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