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U.S. Government

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Digital IDs mean manageable and critical change, FIDO tells US federal security leaders

Clearly appreciating that it was selling digital authentication to data-security officials in the inertia-guided U.S. federal bureaucracy, a FIDO Alliance…


Socure launches Sigma Synthetic Fraud v4, as ID+ added to FedRAMP marketplace

Socure has announced the release of Sigma Synthetic Fraud v4, as well the addition of the ID+ Platform to the…


FIDO trying to guide US government toward robust ID program

The FIDO Alliance has published a guide for the U.S. government in implementing a better, more robust identity program for…


AI ethics board in US DOJ would advise on facial recognition deployment

It’s difficult to know if news of an AI compliance board in the U.S. government is progress or more hand-waving….


US GSA requests info on ID proofing market to meet NIST standard

A market survey for ID proofing has been posted by the U.S. General Services Administration to set up future purchases….


US cedes markets for oppressive biometric surveillance goods to others

The U.S. government no longer will offer incentives to domestic companies selling biometric surveillance and related goods to other nations…


$10M TSA identity verification contract goes to Agile

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration has awarded at $10.2 million, 60-month ID verification contract to the sole bidder, Agile Decision…


More details in US RFI for new criminal biometrics service

The U.S. government has updated its call for vendor input about a likely upgrade to biometric criminal-booking software. Officials say…


Tech5 to help Leidos upgrade US Defense Department’s biometrics search system

Tech5 has announced a strategic contract with Leidos to provide support for the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Biometric-Enabled Capability Increment…


AI is everywhere. Can DHS trust what it’s telling them?

How much should we trust artificial intelligence? Governments are already responding to what is becoming one of the primary questions…

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