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Modeling the finger-vein imaging process



Modeling the finger-vein imaging process
June 29, 12:30pm

Finger-vein, or finger vascular pattern recognition is an upcoming form biometric recognition that combines a good recognition performance with an inherent robustness against presentation attacks in the sense that it does not leave traces. The first step in the recognition process is the acquisition of a gray-scale image in which the vascular pattern is visible as dark lines. From this image relevant features are extracted for recognition.

In this webinar recent work at the University of Twente will be described in which a physical model of the finger was developed. The purpose of that model is to better understand the imaging process of finger vascular patterns, leading on the longer term to better sensors and improved recognition performance. The first results give new insights in the role of soft tissue, bone and joints in the imaging process. Based on the model the group developed finger phantoms that can be used to support the development of sensors and that can provide ground truth for finger-vein detection.

Attendance is free of charge but registration is required. Registered participants will receive dial-in credentials in the morning of the event.

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