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Samsung files patent to prevent biometric fingerprint ID-related OLED burn-in



Samsung has applied for a patent describing OLED display burn-in prevention tech for smartphones with under-display biometric fingerprint ID for phone unlocking, writes Patently Apple.

Samsung is supplying Apple with displays for iPhone 12. Apple claims a similar situation may happen on iPhones with OLED displays caused by “extended long-term use” which can lead to “image persistence” or “burn-in.” Since there have been no public reports or lawsuits addressing this situation, it is likely it is not a persistent problem on iPhones. Extensive use of under-display Touch ID may increase the burn-in risk, however.

“The fingerprint sensor may obtain the fingerprint information based on light output from the display. For example, the light output from the display is reflected from the fingerprint of a user making contact with a cover glass and input to the fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor may obtain the fingerprint information based on light output from the display,” reads Samsung’s patent application.

“However, as the operation of obtaining the fingerprint information is repeated, a display burn-in phenomenon may occur. In particular, the burn-in phenomenon more severely occurs at an area, which corresponds to the fingerprint sensor, of the display rather than another area of the display.”

To avoid this, Samsung has developed a system based on a pair of over-laid printed circuit boards, with the second adjusting the brightness of emitted light from the first. When the user touches the cover glass, the processor will try to collect biometric fingerprint information through a bright light. The pixels will then transmit a second brightness that is brighter than in the first stage, possibly with a gradual increase. This allows the required brightness to be emitted for a shorter period of time, preserving the display’s integrity.

On August 5, Samsung is allegedly releasing the Galaxy Note 20, Fold 2, a Galaxy Tab S7 tablet, the Galaxy Watch 2 and new Z Flip with enhanced biometric security, according to Techspot.

The rumor was started by Ice Universe, known for leaking information about the company and its products. Due to COVID-19, the launch event may be held exclusively online. The Galaxy Note 20 models will share most features with the S20 series, with some upgrades which include Note stylus, enhanced biometric security, more storage, and a higher quality camera.

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