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Onfido, ComplyCube upgrade biometric solutions for faster, easier KYC checks

Onfido, ComplyCube upgrade biometric solutions for faster, easier KYC checks

Onfido and ComplyCube have announced upgrades to their ID verification platforms for seamless and speedy KYC checks.

Onfido says it has launched Motion, a biometric anti-spoofing tool aimed at enhancing the functionality of its Real Identity Platform, while ComplyCube has upgraded its SaaS solution for codeless KYC.

Onfido’s PAD solution for automated onboarding

Built on Onfido’s cutting edge AI technology Atlas, Motion has been tested to iBeta Level 2 presentation attack detection (PAD) criteria. The solution delivers seamless, secure, and inclusive customer verification for onboarding with speed of up to 12X, according to a news release from the company. With Motion, algorithmic bias is reduced across all ethnicities, thanks to Onfido’s advanced machine learning models, according to the announcement.

With enhanced capabilities to detect fraud and protect against presentation attacks and sophisticated 2D and 3D masks, Motion enables businesses to automate customer onboarding with ten-times greater fraud protection, and assess more customers more quickly and efficiently, Onfido says.

The software works by analyzing selfie images as the user turns their head.

The launch of Motion comes as Onfido notes that biometrics usage by its customers has increased by 160 percent year-over year as more companies want to safeguard their businesses, while providing the best user experience.

“In today’s fast-paced digital world, providing the best user experience is everything. Consumers demand to be able to access products and services in seconds whilst also knowing they are secure,” says Alex Valle, chief product officer, Onfido. “Motion helps achieve this, with a biometric liveness solution that provides simple, fair and secure access to online services from banking and gaming to crypto, rental cars and scooters.”

Callum Murray, CEO and Founder of Amiqus, a UK ID service provider, comments: “The Amiqus platform is certified to the highest standard by the UK Government and DBS digital identity schemes. Hundreds of regulated businesses and public sector organizations operating at scale rely on us to deliver accessible, robust, and seamless staff onboarding and pre-employment screening. Motion by Onfido is a fantastic addition to this capability and arrives at a time when employers are acutely aware of the need to meet digital right-to-work requirements.”

Rick Van ’t Hof, Product Owner at Check, an Onfido Motion customer, says: “Using Onfido Motion, it’s very clear to our customers what is being asked of them when being verified. It enables them to set up an account in seconds and be on their way on one of our mopeds, while enabling us to keep operating costs low and run efficiently as an agile and high-growth business.”

Onfido was recently picked by home delivery service provider Shopopop to remotely verify the identities of its couriers.

ComplyCube adds new feature to KYC platform

ComplyCube says the upgrade to its Web Portal enables easy customer data outreach without the need for any software or code.

The new solution, which leverages the capabilities of its cloud KYC solution, Flow, is intended to make it easy for businesses which still conduct KYC checks manually to upgrade. Businesses can decide to carry out many checks on a client in one KYC session, such as AML screening, PEP checks, document spoofing and identity verification.

“We are constantly working to evolve our leading all-in-one verification platform to make it more robust, secure, easier to use, and crucially, more accessible to businesses of all sizes with diverse use cases,” says Mohamed Alsalehi, CTO at ComplyCube.

“By enabling a truly codeless customer outreach experience, not only we’ve made our fantastic Web Portal even more versatile, but we are also helping businesses mitigate data privacy and AML risks while reducing the manual burden on back-office operations,” adds Adam Benfa, product manager at ComplyCube.

ComplyCube says its solution, which integrates cutting edge anti-spoofing and liveness detection technology, is GDPR-compliant and is equipped with frictionless cross-device functionality to enable users seamlessly continue desktop KYC sessions on their smartphones and tablets upon scanning a unique QR code.

The company, a couple of months back, pledged to support emerging startups with free digital ID verification checks for biometric customer onboarding and KYC.

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