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Fingerprint Cards urges FIDO2 and biometrics use to increase security of access control

Fingerprint Cards urges FIDO2 and biometrics use to increase security of access control

Combining FIDO2 authentication and biometrics can substantially increase the security posture of companies and individuals, according to Fingerprint Cards’ Maria Pihlström.

Fingerprint Cards makes biometric sensors and algorithms used to secure resources.

Pihlström, Fingerprints’ director of marketing and communications, says in a marketing piece published on the company’s site that the introduction of biometrics simplifies the user experience and enables multi-factor authentication.

“The presence of the fingerprint module in the hardware token prevents any misuse by an unauthorized user if the token is lost or stolen,” she adds.

“Importantly, no biometric information is stored in a database and the information stored on the token as a template in binary code. Storing a mathematical representation rather than an image makes hacking considerably more challenging.”

Because of these advantages, the Fingerprint Cards executive says FIDO2 and biometrics are ideal security measures for hybrid working. Pihlström emphasizes that “this is not ‘coming soon.’” Devices are “certified and in use.”

That is good, she says because she sees signs that enterprise security still needs to catch up with hybrid and flexible working.  Digitization processes to accommodate new work patterns expand attack surfaces for threat actors.

“Many organizations have fallen into the trap of ‘digitize first … secure later,’” Pihlström writes. “Achieving Zero Trust will be essential to help organizations grapple with continued digital transformation.”

The Zero Trust approach relies on a ‘never trust, always verify’ mindset that covers hardware, software, procedures, networks, databases, and people.

Fingerprint Cards recently signed an agreement with Infineon to develop and commercialize a plug-and-play turnkey solution for biometric payment cards.

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