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Yoti passes iBeta Level 2 presentation attack detection test with 100% detection rate

Yoti passes iBeta Level 2 presentation attack detection test with 100% detection rate

Digital ID firm Yoti’s proprietary passive liveness technology, MyFace, saw off every attempted presentation attack during testing by iBeta, earning it confirmation for compliance with ISO PAD Level 2, the highest level in the standard.

The passive liveness technology strengthens use cases such as age verification and identity fraud by detecting whether a fake face is presented.

As a passive test that does not require the user to follow instructions such as ‘turn to the left,’ MyFace needs only a selfie of the individual attempting to pass through an identity verification process. It then assesses whether the face is a real, live, human face. This step is not facial recognition.

ISO/IEC 30107-3 Level 2 tests with more sophisticated attacks with latex face masks, 3D-printed artifacts or deepfakes. It requires the software to detect at least 99 percent of attempts and MyFace detected 100 percent.

This should mean that kids can no longer use latex masks of old people for undergoing age estimation checks to access online content and strengthen identification and verification checks as well as block bot attacks.

“We’re very proud that our proprietary liveness technology MyFace has achieved iBeta ISO PAD Level 2,” comments Paco Garcia, CTO at Yoti. “It’s a huge achievement for the team and this milestone demonstrates our commitment to delivering very high standards of security solutions.”

“Businesses around the world can use our passive liveness and world leading facial age estimation to keep their customers safe online,” says Yoti CEO Robin Tombs.

“Naturally being Yoti, we have tested MyFace for bias and the model displays very low bias across age, gender and skin tone. To boost transparency and trust in this technology, we are also releasing a new liveness white paper.”

Digital injection attacks, where fraudsters bypass the process by feeding fake video into the verification process, are unaffected by PAD. These attacks are on a sharp increase.

The iBeta lab is accredited by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Products from NtechLab have recently been deemed compliant with Level 2. In January, Indentomat also gained compliance.

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