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Onfido launches Compliance Suite, Fraud Lab podcast and video series

Onfido launches Compliance Suite, Fraud Lab podcast and video series

Automated identity verification provider Onfido announced the launch of its Compliance Suite along with its Inside the Fraud Lab podcast and The Fraud Lab video series.

Onfido launches Compliance Suite

Onfido has launched its Compliance Suite, which adds qualified electronic signature (QES), one-time password, and no-code compliance workflows to its Real Identity Platform, according to an announcement.

Compliance Suite allows businesses to handle all their global and local compliance needs in one central location through a single provider, so they can scale throughout Europe while mitigating fraud.

QES securely protects ID documents against tampering or forgery and can be legally enforced like a handwritten signature. As part of the Compliance Suite, QES will now be offered as part of Onfido’s core biometric identity verification platform.

Onfido customers can leverage Compliance Suite to securely conduct high-risk agreements like loans and mortgages and meet EU KYC and AML requirements through Onfido Studio.

Businesses can customize their onboarding workflows to meet regulatory requirements while improving conversion rates and security.

Compliance Suite has passed its conformity assessment board checks and will be immediately available to European Onfido customers, and can aid those looking to scale in Europe.

Pan-European payment institution Lemonway will expand its partnership with Onfido by taking up Compliance Suite.

“We are now able to build a high-performing, secure and convenient onboarding experience that will unlock our ability to scale across multiple geographies quickly,” says Lemonway COO Jeremy Ricordeau. Lemonway recently attributed the two-fold increase in the number of validated ID documents, wallets, and accounts in the last four years of operations to its partnership with Onfido.

“With Compliance Suite, we now have the most comprehensive verification offering in the market, making Onfido the go-to scaling partner for globally trusted institutions,” said Onfido CPO Yuelin Li.

Onfido launches Fraud Lab podcast and video series

Onfido has also launched the Inside the Fraud Lab podcast and a video series called The Fraud Lab. Each series will feature experts in fintech, crypto and banking, as well as Onfido leaders from its in-house Fraud Lab, sharing perspectives on digital identity and fraud in today’s world.

The series follows the release of Onfido’s 2024 Identity Fraud Report and Fraud Lab.

The podcast was developed in partnership with Caspian Studios and features experts discussing topics like digital identity, identity verification, fraud detection, customer onboarding, and regulatory compliance.

The Fraud Lab, Onfido’s video series, gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at Fraud Lab operations and will feature demonstrations and discussions on topics like biometric fraud, deepfakes, and the role of AI in security.

“These initiatives represent Onfido’s commitment to simplifying digital identity for everyone, and enabling businesses to excel in the way they approach and deploy digital identity,” says Onfido CMO Nate Skinner.

You can listen to the first episode of Inside the Fraud Lab, “The rise of the fraud influencer,” on Spotify and Apple Music. Episode 1 of The Fraud Lab video series, “Phishing for trouble: What’s the key to navigating fraud?” is also available from YouTube.

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