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Biometrics-based consumer electronic devices are standalone products that include access control door locks, security systems, home automation and IoT, automotive, game consoles and mobile devices. Companies that integrate biometric technology into existing consumer devices are included in this category.


Plaintiffs in Amazon voice biometric data privacy suit push back on dismissal motion

Plaintiffs attempting to sue Amazon over the alleged use of voice biometrics by its virtual assistant Alexa are pushing back…


Under-display Face ID for iPad Pro rumored, augmented reality selfies patented

Under-display Face ID could come to iPad Pro devices before iPhones, MacRumors is reporting, quoting display analyst Ross Young. According…


26M SIMs still unidentified in Ghana as biometric registration deadline extended again

Ghanaians have been given up to September 30, 2022, to re-register their SIM cards with biometrics or have them indefinitely…


Sprinkling of reports say fingerprint biometrics failing on Pixel 6a

The only way that a recent report about the Pixel 6a could be more surprising would be if someone said…


Cybernetech developing AI system to find kids left in vehicles

Japanese firm Cybernetech is among the tech providers in the country working to develop and launch artificial intelligence-based biometric systems…


Warrant served on US suspect forcing him to unlock phone with biometric lock

For years, the Internet has argued if police in the United States can force a suspect to open their phone…


Design beauty is more than skin deep in Apple patent filings and its AirPods

For a company that makes so much of its face biometrics, Apple has a lot of skin-related product news out….


Beijing bums out billions of Chinese game-playing kids: Restrictions not going away

A “misunderstanding” about gaming restrictions in China was righted this week. Somehow, people got the impression that the government was…


Amazon defends Ring data sharing practices to US Senator, leaves voice biometrics door open

Amazon has shared video footage from Ring door devices with police 11 times this year through an emergency-request process that…


Biometrics launched for consumer cloud storage, may expand for Chrome password management

Biometrics continue to slowly penetrate the consumer computing market in the face of a barrage of warnings about fraud, identity…

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