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IBM’s researchers are developing the next generation of advances in AI software and hardware to bring frictionless, cloud-native development and use of foundation models to enterprise AI.

IBM Biometrics News


Audio cloning can take over a phone call in real time without the speakers knowing

Generative AI could be listening to your phone calls and hijacking them with fake biometric audio for fraud or manipulation…

Sep 1, 2023

IBM facial recognition contract provokes debate on specifics, and ‘general purpose’ fear

A contract won by IBM last month to supply facial recognition technology to UK border security and law enforcement has…

Jul 24, 2023

UK awards $84.4M biometric platform tender to IBM

IBM has won a £65.6 million (US$84.4 million) tender for a biometric matching platform that will bring together biometric databases…

May 24, 2022

Similar arguments to have biometric data privacy suits thrown out made by Amazon, Microsoft

Amazon did not use the biometric data of Illinois residents contained in the Diversity in Faces dataset, or benefit from…

Nov 3, 2021

McDonald’s sells voice recognition unit to IBM, signs on as Big Blue client

Having apparently done all it can with voice recognition order-taking development, burger meister McDonald’s is selling the biometric software to…

Sep 9, 2021

Ethics panels reject and delay biometrics, AI projects for Google, IBM, Microsoft

Since the beginning of 2020, Google has turned down a project to use artificial intelligence to help a client decide…

Sep 2, 2021

One biometric data privacy case dismissed, two more pared back by judges

The ground under lawsuits alleging violations of Illinois’ landmark biometric privacy law shifted slightly this week after developments in three…

Jul 27, 2021

SIA blasts misrepresentation of facial recognition studies

Reading articles about facial recognition in consumer publications could lead one to believe the technology is highly inaccurate and biased,…

Mar 22, 2021

Biometric health pass solution launched by Telpo as major players ready vaccine credential standards

Biometrics providers continue to work furiously on health pass system, with Telpo launching a solution for pass-checking, and Vaxsys partnering…

Feb 18, 2021

British Esports partners with IBM, Yoti on biometric age verification

The British Esports Association has announced new details regarding its updated membership platform, including its plans to restrict underage participation…

Feb 18, 2021

Marinus Analytics anti-human trafficking biometrics selected for finals of IBM AI competition

Car­negie Mellon University biometrics and big data spinoff Marinus Analytics has been selected as the lone American finalist for the $5M…

Feb 15, 2021

Biometric data privacy suit against Google to wait for answers from IBM proceedings

A proposed class action alleging biometric data privacy regulation violations by Google should wait until a set of facts in…

Nov 11, 2020

Informal agreement on restricting exports of biometric surveillance technology reached by EU

The European Union has reached an agreement on limiting exports of facial recognition and other technology that can be used…

Sep 25, 2020

Google files for biometric privacy suit dismissal, FaceFirst response extension granted in similar case

Google has filed a pair of motions, seeking a stay or the dismissal of a biometric privacy lawsuit against it…

Sep 17, 2020

Six of eight claims in IBM biometric data privacy suit upheld as dismissal rejected

Two items of a motion to dismiss a biometric data privacy lawsuit by IBM have been granted, though a federal…

Sep 15, 2020

Amazon and Microsoft move for dismissal of biometric privacy suit, arguing no jurisdiction for training data

Illinois’ biometric privacy law does not apply to conduct out of state and therefore suits against Amazon and Microsoft over…

Sep 11, 2020

IBM calls for export controls on some facial biometrics technologies to prevent human rights abuses

Biometric facial recognition exports from the U.S. should be subject to new controls, IBM argues, to avoid putting the powerful…

Aug 26, 2020

Home Office signs £7M deal with IBM to build controversial biometric database

UK’s Home Office has signed a £7 million (US $9.2 million) contract with IBM to work with law enforcement in…

Jul 15, 2020

Facial biometrics training dataset leads to BIPA lawsuits against Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft

Despite being conceived of as a way to make biometric facial recognition more equitable, IBM’s Diversity in Faces is continuing…

Jun 9, 2020

IBM pulls face biometrics and questions their use by law enforcement in letter to Congress

IBM is mostly exiting the biometric facial recognition business, pulling its general purpose recognition and analysis software from the market and…

IBM Industry Insights


Boston spied, used facial recognition on concertgoers

Recent news reports claim that the City of Boston tested an IBM video mass surveillance system at the Boston Calling…

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